New evidence has been found by Archaeologists support the idea that humans chewed tobacco over 12,000 years ago, 9,000 years earlier than scientists previously thought. Tobacco is native to North and South America, where indigenous peoples domesticated the plant thousands of years ago.

The American press is so interested in this discovery on tobacco

In several reports published by the American press, they assert that tobacco, which is currently the main garnish of cigarettes, is essentially a derivative of the plant “nicotiana“, and that its home of origin is in North America and the United States. South, where indigenous peoples have domesticated the plant before. For thousands of years, it has often been used in religious occasions and ceremonies, as well as for medicinal purposes. The oldest known record of tobacco use indicates that it was smoked with a pipe.

The new study was published in the high-standing journal Nature Human Behavior and stated that tobacco had the “most significant social and economic impact” of all the “stimulant plants favored by humans.”

The authors of the study found 4 charred seeds of a variety of desert tobacco known as Nicotiana attiwana, during an extensive search and excavation conducted by the team at the Wishbone site in the Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah. in the United States.

“This species has never been domesticated, although indigenous people still use it in the area to this day,” researchers said.

The discovery of these seeds in the remains of an ancient stove indicates that people of that time used tobacco. According to the study, “the seeds found in prehistoric stoves probably represent evidence of human use unless this is due to natural factors.”

In addition, the team of researchers has become certain that humans have been using tobacco since that date, but the mode of consumption is still unknown.

Is the technique of smoking 12,000 years ago similar to smoking today?

Experts pointed out that “it is not possible to determine the exact method of human tobacco consumption at the site discovered, but certain considerations are useful in reducing the number of possible possibilities. We currently have an idea that tobacco has been used as a human activity near the stove in addition to the process of food preparation. “

“We know very little about their culture,” says a researcher. “What interests me most about this discovery is the social window that this simple activity opens to us to understand an undocumented past.”

Smoking causes serious health risks

This article deals only with a scientific study that shows the evolution of tobacco use and its attraction to humans.

Scientific studies confirm that smoking causes serious health risks that may reach the point of
death. in the case of women, studies have shown that smoking women are more likely than their non-smokers to suffer from infertility and delayed pregnancy, as well as a greater risk of cervical cancer.

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