If you are having AdSense approval issues, this article will be very helpful in planning other choices. It is natural that almost all bloggers in the world prefer to work with AdSense. Indeed, the latter is supported by Google itself and most advertisers collaborate with it.

Unfortunately, nowadays, approval becomes very difficult to obtain because Adsense has changed its algorithm and requires high-quality sites. This may seem strange to some of us because most of the approved sites are not of such high quality. I mention that these sites are old and have been approved at a time when the process is less rigorous. Make sure that if these sites are resubmitted for another review, they will be rejected. Why this? In fact, in the past few months, over 90% of websites have not been approved by AdSense.
Remember that the actual pandemic has an impact on approval, even Adsense stops to review the requests. With this situation, one can look for an alternative to Google Adsense. Here we give three of the best:

Why do most of the submitted websites have Adsense approval issues?

A website is a project that starts with a single idea. To be successful in your blog project, you need to provide high-quality informative articles. Twenty articles may be enough to get approved if your website meets the AdSense criteria. These require a lot of work, ideally around 2 to 3 months to create a quality niche with few items. Although no one can get a clear idea of ​​how Adsense handles website applications. However, your site must answer at least the following points:
  • Unique and high-quality articles on interesting topics. Never copy articles from other sites.
  • Your site should be website optimized. This means that your site must be very fast. To this end, compress all the images on the site and unify the CSS and JS codes.
  • A well-organized site using categories, internal and external links. This helps Googlebot understand your site.
  • Never use images protected by copyright. You can either buy images or use images from a site that provides free images (such as Pexels or Unsplash).
  • Use good SEO in your articles. There are free and premium plugins that can help you with SEO.

If you do all this and Google Adsense does not approve your site, do not worry and above all do not lose hope. Your site will certainly be approved by another AdSense alternative. You can even earn more than Adsense. One important thing is that you should never blame Adsense for its thorough review. Be aware that the Adsense method will play an important role in the coming years to at least see very good sites on the Internet.

Media.net is the best alternative to Adsense

It should be noted that media.net has a big intersection with the Adsense view. They also use contextual ads, display ads, and native ads. Two peculiarities of media.net:

The first is to prove that your blog receives most of the traffic from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Oh, yeah, high-quality traffic because people from these countries are very active in shopping on the Internet.

The second is that your site must be written in English, do not accept other languages. If your site is good, you can receive approval with two business days (quick review).

Amazon is another good choice if you have Adsense approval issues

Everyone knows Amazon, a huge company that sells products and services on the Internet. You can request an Amazon Associate Account and receive codes for the Ads you can use on your site.

The approval is very simple. I think Amazon has more advantages for several thematic niches or for specific sites such as sites for dogs or cats.

The right strategy is to use Facebook to drive specific traffic to your blog. For example, if the latter is about dogs, maybe try to find groups that treat dogs on Facebook, and then post your articles in those groups.

Ezoic is perfect if you like to multiply your earning

Ezoic is a partner of Google. He becomes one of the competitors of Adsense. It is a good choice if your site has Adsense approval issues, or even if you have a site approved with Adsense which has less income. You can switch this site to Ezoic and get more revenue.

You can only request approval in Ezoic if your site receives at least 10,000 visits per month. Very simple to apply and if your site is approved, you will receive advice from Ezoic staff in order to obtain good results on your site. They also offer a service to speed up your site, it’s a premium service.

 The Ezoic dashboard is very simple and very pleasant. If your blog uses a WordPress theme (which is still recommended), you must use DNS Cloudflare in order to easily integrate your site with Ezoic. After that, they will ask you to change the Cloudflare DNS to Ezoic DNS in order to use their service perfectly, in particular, to test and optimize the advertisements on your site. Ezoic accepts all languages ​​and follows Adsense criteria, especially unique content.

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