Anger is defined as maximal negative feelings accompanied by the strength to destroy or harm. In this article, the advantages and downsides of anger are investigated. In fact, rage is by nature destructive, it is a must then to learn how to control it. Many persons have no control over their rage; they can insult, despise others by harmful words, or sometimes kill.

Anger is but a psychological temperament

In fact, anger is but a psychological temperament, in that it is a feeling. when you feel angry, you have to express your anger via speaking. By so doing, you will quell the rage. Otherwise, you are going to live with it until it causes you destruction.


Speaking or dialogue is always a good thing to get rid of negative feelings. If you do not express your rage, the latter will turn into pathological sadness; this one, if persists, maybe a potential depression.

Sometimes, many persons find it difficult to know the advantages of anger.xHowever, to explain why speaking is a good antidote for rage, we are going to lay down this reason:

Anger is a biological mechanism whereby one can defend oneself in tough situations. It is pointless to look for drugs or medicaments that block the secretion of adrenaline, the hormone of defense. Rage is healthy, as it is part of your defense mechanism against enemies.

Permanent rage turns to be destructive

In fact, temporary anger is positive, as we have said above. However, permanent anger is destructive, in that it engenders a lot of diseases. First, if one is angry, he or she must not eat at all until rage goes away. Instead, one should drink water and wait until the body is void of adrenaline.

The excessive secretion of adrenaline can cause lots of problems. For example, if you are angry, your heart starts beating; this means that your body is using sugar store in your liver. So, as soon as the quantity of sugar in the liver is depleted, then you will be inflicted with diabetes type 1.

However, the secretion of adrenaline helps generate new ideas, counterexamples, ready responses, and the like in a debate or a discussion. This hormonal mechanism provides the body with energy to think, discuss, and fight. It is an act of survival embedded in human beings.


In this post, we have talked about some positive and negative aspects of anger. Sometimes, anger becomes out of control amongst couples; in this case, they should visit a marital relationship advisor.via

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