Does atheism continue to spread in the light of the coronavirus outbreak? In this article, we are going to evoke a very heating discussion, where we are going to exhibit the relationship between atheism and the coronavirus outbreak. This connection may seem weird, but it is worth reading.

The limitations of science

With the outbreak of coronavirus, many atheists who idolize science are now doubting their thoughts. In fact, science has disappointed them; therefore, religion always has a place where it floats. Plagues are a sign of our weaknesses, not just physically but more importantly mentally. Plagues that stroke humanity appears each decade as if there is a divine message embedded in this regular number.

In the midst of this pandemic, first, the whole world is under tension. Second, medicine does not come up until now with a potent vaccine. Third, a myriad of people are dying out of this epidemic, while atheists are still waiting for their God, science so to speak, to devise an anti-coronavirus medicament. We are not criticizing the limitations of science, in this article, but those atheists who see science as God.

Atheism and scientism  

Historically speaking, atheism started to spread from the 19th century with the advent of scientism. The latter is based on the fact that the more science gets bigger, the more religion shrinks. This hypothesis proves wrong; this is because science has known an extraordinary advancement, yet the belief in God does not shrink. On the contrary, it becomes bigger than before. Now, according to sociology, there is what we call “the return of religion” in the age of technology.

 “Man is of nature religious”. This proposition is similar to “man is mortal”. Logically speaking, the negation of the religious character of man means directly that this man is by nature an atheist. If so, why do atheists always talk, discuss, and negate God? The outbreak of this virus will undo atheists’ certainty and let them revise their atheistic insights. It is a pity for atheists who use science to back up their ideological and psychological proclivities.

However, science is neutral and a tool whereby we improve our life. It is not a tool to justify either our beliefs in God or atheism. Scientists should be dealing with the matter as such without any interpretations of the scientific results. One can, for example, interpret a scientific discovery to prove God’s existence. Others can use the same scientific discovery to prove the validity of atheism.

Religion, atheism, and the coronavirus

When there is no God, this means we have to suffer alone in the fierce world. Constant failure will lead us to a state of depression, but when we believe in God, we become more patient and strong before life’s shortcomings. We are fragile creatures; therefore, we derive meaning in believing in God.

The coronavirus should make us revisiting our thoughts, insights, and philosophies. This is because consolidation does not exist in the time of failure and hardship except in a religion that connects you to God. This is what makes our psyche so strong in the time of hardships. We are now living in a state of fear and dismay, while science is still searching and people are dying.

Many atheists would argue: if God really exists, why does not He intervene to save us from this plague? The answer has to do with the theme of evil and good. So, all religions believe in the hereafter, where we are going to be asked about our actions. We are given free will, and according to it, we are put to the test. Coronavirus has proven the limitations of sciences and alludes our attention to the Creator, to whom this universe belongs.


Indeed, we have to admit that the question of God’s existence is not a scientific matter, but more important a matter of conviction. Atheists should not rely on and refer to science as God. In subsequent articles, we are going to talk about the ontological argument of God’s existence. For example, there is a famous argument called, Pascal’s wager.

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