With the advent of a new decade, we are discovering the best five films released in the past ten years. We select films that have caught the attention of many viewers. Although the world of cinema is full of good films, this selection of films is worth watching.

Are you racist?

According to the reviewers, the horror film “Get Out” is one of the best films over the last ten years. In addition, critics expressed their approval of the film story; which was distinctive and able to represent the issue of racism from a novel view. The public was enthusiastic and enjoyed the story especially its dramatic ascending narration. Above that, the film’s revenues exceeded $ 255 million. Despite the fierce competition, this film won the Oscar alongside its candidacy in the British Bafta and the Golden Globe. The events of the film revolved around a black young man named Chris. The latter went out with a white woman who wanted to present him to his family. This fact disrupts events and causes serious racist problems.

One of the best films about loneliness

If you want to watch a romantic film, choose “Her”, a film directed by Spike Jones. According to the spectators, this film is one of the best romantic works ever seen in the history of cinema. Indeed, this film has brought drama and science fiction to the fore through a poetic narrative.

The film’s events take place in a place marked by very advanced technology. In fact, Theodore works as a writer sending very intimate messages to others; while Samantha falls in love with the voice of an intelligent robot system. Can such a romantic relationship continue and become real?

We mention that this film won the Oscar and the Golden Globe. In addition, the classification of this film is among the ten best films released in 2013. Critics have praised the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. The latter managed to embody feelings of love truly and effortlessly. Also, reviewers congratulated Scarlett Johansson for successfully bringing the robot character to life; thanks to its vocal performance.

Acting circuit

Though the last decade contained many highly sophisticated musicals in the history of cinema such as “Lala Land”, “Star of a Star” and others, the best music movie according to the majority of critics stems from “Whiplash” originally written and directed by Damian Chazel. The work included genuine connections that rendered the work exactly as a circuit. The film explains, in some sense, the secrets of the human spirit.

This film won three Oscar awards, three BAFTA awards, and a Golden Globe award. In addition, the movie received an evaluation of 8.5 points by the “AMDB” artistic website. Also, the film was ranked 46th on the list of the best 250 films in the history of cinema.

The plot revolves around a highly motivated drummer who joins a music band headed by a sadistic instructor. The latter exerts pressure on his students to encourage them to give the maximum. Because of his violence, this teacher does not help students to progress. In fact, this behavior leads to collapse, depression, and sometimes suicide of some students.

Films that explain how the language breaks the barrier of time

Many artistic magazines have confirmed that” Arrival” is one of the best science fiction movies. The reason does not stem from winning the Oscar, but from its philosophical idea, it’s humane, and its emotional impact. Not only does this work attract the ordinary fans of science fiction movies, but also the ones of drama.

The work tells the story of a linguist selected to carry out a critical and complex mission. The role assigned to this girl is to communicate with the extraterrestrials. The latter has already arrived on earth and they are afraid of scaring the inhabitants. For this reason, these visitors have created their own language. People see them as harmful and malicious creatures. This is why this girl is trying to prove that these aliens do not menace the planet. However, her mission is therefore completely impossible and she must prove the contrary.

The scientist in the eyes of Yorgos Lanthimo

Certainly, the Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos enjoys the honor of his best film “dystopia”. Lanthimos is in the habit of launching this kind of film to surprise the public. In general, the spectator is always surprised by the higher level of horror and dark comedy films predicted by Lanthimos.

“The Lobster” is a film, presented by Lanthimos, which has shocked everyone who has watched it in recent years. Once you watch this movie, it generates many questions that the movie itself has not answered.

The film tells a story that takes place in the future, where all people coexist as husbands. Indeed, a single, divorced, or even separated, he only has 45 days to find a woman. Otherwise, he will be considered as an animal that will be hunted by hunters. The hero of the film plays the role of a stubborn man who ardently wants to find a partner and save himself from being an animal. In order that the hero escapes this painful fate, events continue.

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