The hormone cortisol leads to obesity on the one hand and causes sleep disturbances on the other. This is confirmed by the Federal Center for Health Education. In fact, this hormone is secreted during tension and causes insulin resistance in the body, then the fat storage increases, especially in the abdominal area, causing emergence rumen.

Hormone cortisol leads to obesity: risk of having a big rumen

The hormone cortisol disrupts the rhythm of waking and sleeping. This may conduct to the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, poor concentration, and then a reduced exercise capacity. Thus cortisol hormone leads to obesity.

If the circumference of the abdomen is large, the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure rises, and then the risk of heart attacks and strokes rises.

To cope with these dangers, you must overcome mental pressures and play certain sports. For example, yoga can help in the production of harmony between profession and individual life.

To control obesity here is the ideal size of the waistline

According to experts, the ideal waist size in women is around 88 cm, while 102 cm in men. The estimate of the middle section is simply on the navel, remembering that the estimate excludes the stomach area.

When waist circumference exceeds the standard size, it is preferable to reduce the total body mass by 5% to 10%. For this, you should follow a healthy diet in addition to regular exercise.

Also, avoid processed foods that contain the so-called “trans fatty acids”. These latter increase harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, which cause hardening and blockage of the arteries.

Rapeseed oil helps you get rid of rumen and obesity

We notice that rapeseed oil is an incredible weapon for getting rid of belly fat, called also rumen. It helps to lose weight in general. A study has shown that by consuming rapeseed oil, your body would lose about 110 grams of fat per month; especially in the abdominal area. In addition, rapeseed oil occurs naturally in food. For a good effect add this oil into juices; add two tablespoons of rapeseed oil to 100 grams of orange juice, or 100 grams of low-fat milk; or 100 grams of strawberry juice.

Dark chocolate helps in the equilibrium of the hormone cortisol

Not everyone can resist chocolate. In fact, many types of chocolate exist and differ in their composition. We mention that the uncontrolled consumption of different types of chocolates causes health problems because the hormone cortisol causes obesity. Several medical studies have confirmed that dark chocolate has a good effect on the hormonal balance of cortisol and reduces stress. However, it is enough to consume a reasonable amount of this type of chocolate daily.

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