Coronavirus prevention is essential. This is because this virus, also known as Corvid-19, is very dangerous and attacks people at random. This is why most people try to find effective methods to protect themselves. This is clear from a large number of purchases of liquid disinfectants. The immediate question is what is the most effective product for preventing deadly viruses? Can the usual soap do it?

Before answering all these questions, you should first know the properties of this virus: its reaction, how it spreads, and how it is transmitted to humans.

Transmission of coronavirus

We detect Corvid-19 for the first time in the Wuhan region of China, a region known to the snakes’ markets. This led to the hypothesis that the virus passed to humans from the snakes. The probability of transmission of the virus via food is therefore very high. Therefore, we should cook food well (especially meat) before eating.

Transmission occurs through coughing, so a population that exists in a circle containing an infected person can also catch this virus (transmission in the region).

The life of the virus only lasts a few hours; so if for example a chair, stairs, a package is infectious with the virus, then someone who has touched these things may also be infected. We must exclude fluids, as the experts confirm.

Liquid disinfectants as a method to coronavirus prevention

Try to be generous each time you wash your hands after contact; we must use sufficient fluids. Indeed, experts recommend this usage, because the effect of liquid disinfectants will last a long time. Moreover, each liquid has its own description. Read it carefully to know the recommended washing time. If you use regular soap, it can also help prevent it if you wash your hands for about 30 seconds or more. Remember to dry your hands well. In fact, all of these liquid disinfectants are not the only global solution for fighting the virus. You should make other preventions.

In the morning before going to work, it is important to wash your hands. In addition, if your workplace offers the possibility of using liquid disinfectants that contain alcohol, take advantage of it. On the other hand, don’t forget to wash your hands after you return home and after touching the trash; before cooking; and before using drugs or cosmetics. Finally, wash your hands after sneezing or coughing and get used to not touching your eyes or nose.

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