Daily exercise and diet are the key roles for health. Note that exercise without a good diet does not help in having good health. Similarly, a good diet without exercise does not help in having good health. However,  the combination of both exercise and diet does not only reduce the risk of developing a disease but does it prevent the appearance of all diseases.

In this essay, we will define what is a good diet? And does it work hand in hand with the sport to fight disease?

Does daily exercise and diet are good for health

In the past, there was a very disastrous diet called: the apple-based diet. This latter caused many actors, stars, and famous persons to have serious illnesses: hair loss, nutrient deficiency, weight loss, and so on and forth.

Nowadays, there is huge propaganda on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Scientists view them as effective and useful. However, a ketogenic diet does not differentiate between saturated and non-saturated fat. They are not a good diet, for there is no balance in it. It is a diet based mainly on protein and fat consumption. The excessive amount of protein in the ketogenic diet blocks the absorption of vitamins. Therefore, a healthy diet is that which is balanced.

The ketogenic diet is a disastrous diet for A blood type. This is because A-blood type holders are vegetarian. If they started being on this diet, they will be exposed to all diseases.  The same goes for intermittent fasting, for A bold type holders cannot stand up unprogrammed fasting.

Daily exercise is really a health protector

When you are running, you are forcing your body to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Also, you are going to force your body to produce high levels of testosterone. When testosterone spikes, your body will easily burn fat, hence the disappearance of your belly fat. On the contrary, excessive exercise for long hours has a reversible effect. Lifting heavy weights spikes testosterone in your body, and provides you with energy throughout the day. thus, daily exercise and diet are health protectors.

Sport helps burn fat, improves blood circulation, and decreases the risk of developing heart diseases. Moreover, it enhances the immune system and protects our body from colon inflammation. The activity of sport should be part of one’s lifestyle, and not as an imposed obligation. Even in the case of consuming junk foods, regular exercising protects you from being subject to any fatal disease. The exercise that should be accomplished daily is footing, while the other exercise that should be done two times a week is lifting weights or doing intensity-based exercises.

Healthly diet in tandem with good exercise

Apparently, daily exercise and diet are necessary conditions for body equilibrium. When you exercise regularly for about 40 minutes, you will be in need of real nutrients. First, it is not healthy at all to drink water while exercising. Second, it is very obligatory to consume any kind of fruit you like after each physical activity. Third, you have to take a shower, and a nap for about 30 minutes. This way, you will recuperate what you have lost through sweating. 

Fourth, you have to consume fish, as it is a source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytoestrogens.  Other meals should be constitutive of vegetables, fruits, and serials. It is also recommended that after any physical activity, one should drink one L and a half of water. This is proven to be effective in fighting all sorts of diseases and enhances the immune systems even in old men and women.

Regular sport strengthens the heart muscles and protects body hormones, especially in old age. As men grow old, testosterone levels go down; therefore, sport keeps this male hormone at its normal rate. Women who sport regularly are less exposed to heart disease and breast cancer than those who do not. Moreover, those who exercise regularly alongside with good diet do not need coffee; on the contrary, they are excited, focused, energetic, and well-concentrated throughout the day. Those who do not exercise do not usually benefit from what they eat; this is due to blood circulation, which is not able to spread the necessary nutrients to all the body.

Conclusion about daily exercise and diet

Finally, when exercise is combined with a good diet, one will live a life void of any kind of disease.

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