These six foods in food Science are lowering your absorption! Do you know that consuming non-healthy food will cause you many health problems? In this article, you can now discover the food that threatens your health or accelerates disease appearance. Therefore, six foods are lowering your absorption. These are additives, junk food, sweets, fries, soft drinks, and daily consumption of meat. 

Additives are foods that lower your absorption

Additives are always used in the food industry to provide food with a special flavor, good taste, and color. They usually cause allergies and accelerate aging. Moreover, food containing additives requires 9 hours-digestion in the stomach. This digestion time necessitates huge efforts by the stomach. However, this latter usually digest food with a lead time of 5 hours, especially with meats. It takes 10 minutes to digest fruits and vegetables. Therefore, consuming additives reduces the activity of the stomach and causes colorectal cancer.

There are other dangerous health problems that additives cause. First, this latter kills gradually the flora of the stomach. This allows intestinal gas to flourish and makes your stomach bloated. This symptom is very indicative of the bad condition your body suffers from. Second, additives are hormonal disrupters; for they destroy the endocrine system; this causes many tumors to appear and engenders development disorders. Third, the absence of antioxidants and fibers in daily meals makes “additives” 50x harmful and dangerous.


Junk Food

It is a type of food with low quality and no value. Our body needs real nutrients: vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and phytoestrogens. These ones protect the body from aging, cancer, hormonal problems, and cardiovascular diseases. We can find them in fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, and organic meat. However, junk food contains no of the aforesaid nutrients.

When consuming food a lot, we expose our bodies to a large sequence of health problems.  


You may be surprised if you know that junk food comprises nothing but a huge quantity of proteins and additives. According to Mohamed Faid, an expert in food science, large quantities of proteins block the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Sweets are foods that lower your absorption

This type of food is catastrophically harmful for many reasons. It contains lots of sugar and causes obesity. Also, they block absorption because of a chemical compound C3H5NO called “acrylamide”. During cooking food containing carbohydrates, this chemical is created especially when the temperature exceeds 110° C. Once you set yourself aloof from sweets, your absorption will automatically improve. Therefore, you will increase absorption by keeping yourself distant from non-healthy food.


The same goes for this type of food; it is very dangerous, as it contains “peroxides”. This latter is a chemical substance H2O2 which in turn blocks the absorption of essential nutrients. To understand more the importance of absorption, we give the following example:

For example, Doctors prescribe vitamins for women’s hair loss though these ones consume meals full of vitamins. The blockage of vitamin absorption is due to many agents. They are acrylamide, peroxides, and an excessive amount of proteins. Hair loss is a simple disease that anyone can fix at home by stopping this type of food. 


Soft drinks are foods that lower your absorption

You have to say no to soft drinks. This is because they increase the chance of getting type2 diabetes. They contain a large amount of chemical sugar called “sweeteners”; the risk of these substances ranges from tooth decay to bone cancer. Moreover, these elements extremely slow down absorption.

Meat is one of the foods lowering absorption

I know that it is surprising that consuming meat daily is very dangerous to health for many reasons. Meat contains a lot of proteins combined with saturated fat and omega6. in fact, it is one of the foods which contains no fibers that help the body get rid of free radicals. These ones are a result of 5-hours digestion. The absence of fibers causes colon inflammation. In fact, this is due to the ketones secreted during meat digestion. Also, Ketones are harmful especially when staying in the body for a long period; this is because they cause colorectal cancer and sometimes lead to death. Proteins with omega 6 and saturated fat cause cardiovascular diseases.  

However, people can exclusively consume fish every day or even three times a day. Fish is very healthy; it contains noble proteins, all types of vitamins (including vitamin D), minerals, antioxidants (selenium), and phytoestrogens (natural hormones). Also, its protein is called noble because it is accompanied by Omega3 and unsaturated fat. These ones prevent cancer and keep the body away from heart disease.


To conclude, it is very mandatory to keep in mind the importance of knowing absorption blockers. Therefore, you have to know them and avoid them lest you expose yourself to chronic diseases.

Of course, you should replace these bad foods with healthy ones rich in Lycopene such as tomatoes.

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