One of the most important steps in education is to develop a child’s imaginative personality. While this is important, it will depend on many factors that we need to know. Despite the fact that Leonardo da Vinci could not go to school, his knowledge was an outcome of roaming the fields near his house. This helped him to carefully develop his personality through direct contact with nature. This habit led him to become a prominent researcher, inventor, and artist.

The question at the moment is: can parents encourage their children to learn how to improve their intelligence outside their home?

Things that disrupt your child’s concentration

1– A common mistake that parents commit is to impose on their children to stay at home. Also, they don’t let their kids have any activity except at home. Being constantly at home hinders their imagination to grow and develop.

2– They don’t allow their child to organize their own world to explore what is interesting and what is difficult. Moreover, parents do not give their kids a free choice to decide where to go. Most of the children’s activities are organized under boring parental control.

3– Parents do not take risk of letting their children explore the machines or meet those who know their use. This is because they only look for safety; consequently, they isolate their children from the world of crafts. They also deprive them of benefiting from practical knowledge.

4– Another mistake committed by parents is to force them to read pure science books and deprive them of tales. In so doing, parents limit the imagination of their kids. This is because these ones do not read stories that feed their minds.

5– Parents don’t spark the feeling of heroism in their children’s lives. In fact, many stories talk about heroes; they inculcate in children’s minds the faculty of sacrifice and courage.

6– The boys grow up in a closed place, where they watch another closed box (TV). In addition, they play violent video games while forgetting to discover nature and to learn about plants and the principles of agriculture.

7– Do not let their children explore the world and know what is interesting and what is difficult. Likewise, they have replaced spontaneous activities with seven days of organized activities that others control.

8– Convince children that boys and girls are the same and that they should leave out all gender differences. The girl grew up like a boy and the boy grew up like a girl.

Recommendations to follow

One of the methods to develop the imagination of children is to give them enough time until they feel bored. In this case, they will have trouble knowing what to do. When your kids tell you they feel bored, give them extra tasks to do. First, they will stop complaining; second, they will start thinking more creatively about how to find their own pleasure. Step by step, they will do this by themselves without resorting to you. All this boredom will surely spark a child’s imagination.

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