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Each decade, a new viral disease appears


It is striking that each decade, a new viral disease appears to threaten thousands of people around the world. We give an introductory list of four viral diseases in this article and discuss them in brief. This chronological development of these epidemics is indicative of the fact that such ones are going to repeatedly appear each decade; this is due to the fact that people tend to have a low immune system, bad nutrition, and psychological problems. 

 1- COVID-19: A new viral diseases

The coronavirus also called COVID-19 is a very dangerous virus because it easily passes from animals to humans. The spread of this epidemic is very rapid and continues to invade the world. The deadly virus is discovered for the first time in China and is spreading quickly. Indeed, tourist traffic facilitates the transmission of this virus. Even though medicine is highly developed, scientists are still looking for effective vaccination. WHO has also confirmed that even in the summer when most viruses lose their effectiveness, coronaviruses can continue to spread.

2- In the last decade, influenza is a deadly viral disease

Around 1920, the deadliest epidemic appeared, which is called Spanish flu. It belongs to a class of H1N1 virus and affects 500 million people worldwide. An estimate of 50 million people has died. We mention that the origin of this epidemic is unknown. This virus infects people of different ages. Since there was no antidote for this epidemic, people were content with the following procedures: prevention of large gatherings and isolation. Due to undeveloped medicine and the consequences of wars, this new viral disease appears and is spreading dramatically.

3- Asiatic cholera (around 1820)

Another deadly epidemic originated in India and has spread to Asia and some Arab countries. Total death is unknown, but it appears that thousands of people have died. Indeed, in these countries, people lived in overcrowded places. This helps in the spread of these viral diseases. In fact, although the origin of the cholera virus is far from the Arab world, this viral disease appears and is transmitted to it by British troops.

4-Great Plague of Marseille (France)

The great plague of Marseille is one of the most terrifying viral diseases that stroke France in 1720. This viral disease appears suddenly without any previous warnings. This infectious disease caused thousands to die. Also, it caused a haul to commerce or trade. After the plague went away, France recuperated its economy and postponed its activities to what it was in the pre-1720 period.

Conclusion about new viral diseases

One should take into account that life is not trustworthy, so we have to pay attention to new diseases and plagues which menace our life. If we want to protect ourselves from the upcoming unknown epidemics, we have to take precautions: the regular use of disinfectants, foods that increase our immune system.    

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