In this article, we show the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for treating dandruff. Many people around the world suffer from the problem of dandruff and spend hundreds of dollars a year to resolve it. However, in many cases, the result is not encouraging, which means looking for other products and then losing more money. The problem of dandruff forces people to dress in a very special way. On the other hand, people who suffer from this problem avoid participating in events where light makes it easy to show dandruff to others. By using acid vinegar for the treatment of dandruff will save a lot of money.

Effectiveness of apple cider vinegar

According to interviews with beauty magazines, there is no efficacy cosmetic product to treat dandruff. This is why some people prefer to try other natural products that are easy to prepare at home. Already, this can save a lot of money. In the sequel, we’ll see the importance of acid vinegar in treating dandruff.

The use of white vinegar

If we told you that the solution to fight dandruff is in your kitchen, can you believe it? Well, believe it is white vinegar, a kind of acid vinegar. Reducing it by 50 percent is sufficient to turn it into an effective anti-dandruff treatment.

The best practice is to mix white vinegar with water, then apply this mixture to the scalp, massaging it for about 5 minutes. After that, wash the hair with a shampoo containing natural ingredients. It is more convenient to repeat this process several times until the crust disappears.

To obtain the best results, it is more practical to add to the previous mixture 3 drops of one of the following essential oils: tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, or eucalyptus oil. We also mention that these oils can be added directly to a natural shampoo. Treatment can only be effective if you reduce the intake of fried foods, dairy products, sugar, chocolate, and nuts, as they worsen the problem of dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar is an alternative solution against dandruff

To combat dandruff, we can use another type of vinegar, which is apple cider vinegar. To prepare a hair cleaning mixture and treat dandruff, simply mix two cups of warm water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar for a solution. Apply it on the hair after washing it with a shampoo. Preferably, massage the mixture on the scalp for a few minutes, and instead of rinsing the hair, dry it with a towel.

In addition to removing dandruff, apple cider vinegar improves hair shine. Indeed, it is rich in acids and molecules which are effective in eliminating the fungi which attack the scalp.

The daily use of this natural remedy eliminates dandruff and its annoying itching, in particular by respecting the following measures:

  • Always rinse your hair with lukewarm water and avoid hot water due to its hard action on the scalp.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, wash the hairbrushes with soap and water, so periodically to avoid the return of dandruff.
  • Don’t use excessive biochemical methods that smooth or curl the hair.
  • Avoid using products that facilitate styling hair such as a gel.
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