En-Nesyri’s jump compared to Ronaldo

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The talk continued in the media and on social media about the wonderful goal scored by Youssef En-Nesyri who led the Moroccan national football team to a valuable victory over his Portuguese counterpart 1-0 yesterday evening, Saturday, in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

En-Nesyri’s and Rolando’s jumps: a comparaison

The goal decided the qualification of the Moroccan national team to become the first Arab and African team to reach the golden square in the history of the World Cup.

En-Nesyri scored Morocco’s goal 3 minutes before the end of the first half, when he received a high cross and rose to the ball beautifully, and headed it into the net. Many likened Al-Nusiri’s jump to the famous jumps of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was reported that En-Nesyri surpassed the famous Ronaldo’s jump, which he scored in the Champions League in the 2012-2013 season.

However, the numbers denied this, as En-Nesyri’s jump in yesterday’s match reached 2.78 meters, according to what was explained by the “Bein Sports” network on its Twitter account.

Ronaldo’s famous jump

Ronaldo’s famous jump, recorded a height of 2.93 meters, during his participation with his former team, Real Madrid, against Manchester United, in the European Champions League for the 2012-2013 season.

The goal of Youssef En-Nesyri

Yesterday, En-Nesyri scored his third goal through two participations in the World Cup, and the Spanish Seville player posted pictures of his goal and celebration on his Instagram account, and attached them to this comment: “The impossible is not Moroccan! We will fight for you and for our dreams to the last breath! Dima (always) Morocco.”

The opinion of the Morocco coach Walid Regragui

Morocco coach Walid Regragui praised En-Nesiri, saying, “I have always believed in him, and that is a good thing. Even you in the press killed me when I said he was going to the World Cup. I think he is the best scorer for Morocco in the World Cup. He responded on the field and the answer is always on the field if he me as a coach or him as a player.

He added, “I believed in Youssef and what he gives to the team on the field can only be understood by those who know football. He works for a team like (Olivier) Giroud with France. He was formed in Morocco and is the ideal for the rest, and I am proud of him because he scored an important goal.”

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