Epidemics do not propagate a lot in Arab countries

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Epidemics do not propagate a lot in Arab countries for many reasons. Countries such as the US, Italy, Iran, and France lose control of the propagation of covid-19. However, China is the country where this viral disease springs out; it has managed to have control over the spread of this pandemic; the latter does not loom over Arab countries with intensity. This is due to a number of reasons.

Here are keys to why Epidemics do not propagate a lot in Arab countries


The climate is an important environmental factor where the virus proliferates. Arab countries are characterized by hot weather and dry air. Coronavirus is reluctant to grow in these factors. Furthermore, according to bacteriology, all epidemics do not grow in warm areas. Therefore, people residing in South Africa are not subject to that kind of disease. This is because they live in places with high temperatures.

Blood type

Arab countries are more resistant to this viral pandemic disease compared to Europe and the West. The majority of its inhabitants are O blood type holders; according to a study conducted in Japan, O blood type holders are more resistant to the coronavirus; scientists confirm that the reason for this resistance is unknown. Yet, one possible reason could be the fact that the O blood type is the oldest blood type. That is, the latter develops a kind of resistance to a number of viruses; its holders have a strong immune system. Furthermore, the blood type holders have the possibility to recover from epidemics without taking medications.

Cooking at home

As we have mentioned above, the coronavirus has affected countries where people live in cold. However, people who cook at home, have a strong immune system; therefore, they can fight the virus, with vegetables, fish, serials, and olive oil to heat up the body. This type of food activates the hormonal system, so viruses die easily under high temperatures. Food is very central in fighting against viruses and kicking them out of our bodies.

People who cook at home have a sufficient daily intake of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, and silymarin. For example, zink is important to our immune system. We should not rely on outsiders, and wait for the medications to be invented and manufactured; until then, people will die. We have to rely on the insider, that is, on our immune system to be strong. Cooking at home will enable individuals throughout the world to fight this virus.

Youth and oldness

Europe, for example, is usually called the old continent. This is because the majority of its inhabitants are old. People ranging between the 60s and 80s are more prone to be affected by and perish of these epidemics. The danger of this virus menaces Europe and The West. However, in the East, the majority of people are young. Old people are likely to develop a number of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the like.

In a recent study, statistics indicate that people who died from the coronavirus are those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. In this case, it has nothing to do with being old or young, but people, of all ages, with these chronic diseases, are prone to be killed by this virus. This is because age is but a number. There are other factors that aggravate the situation of affected people such as depression.

Depression appears very often when a man is jobless and has no role in his society. The psychological condition of a person decreases his or her IS and affects his or her body negatively.

It is important to take precautions against this killer pandemic by being on a healthy natural diet, using disinfectants, and staying at home.

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