Excessive coffee consumption causes serious illnesses for your health. If so, what is the substituting element with which you can replace coffee?

scientifically speaking, excessive coffee consumption occasions serious illnesses; for it contains caffeine and cafestol. the following essay dredges up into details about this fact. 


There is a huge difference between coffee and tea. This is due to several scientific facts. Coffee contains caffeine, while tea contains theine. The two components are not the same. Coffee is a stimulating component that keeps your body active. People who consume more than four cups of coffee should not blame themselves for the bad consequences in the long term:

Excessive consumption causes these chronic diseases:

  1. High blood pressure

Many coffee consumers observe that when they drink a cup of tea, their blood pressure goes up. This is because caffeine does not only activate your body but also does it provide it with huge energy. Your body usually works under moderate energy. This way, you do not cause harm to your heart or cause your blood pressure to be high than usual.  However, caffeine forces your body to work with extra energy; the thing that causes fatigue to your organs.

  • Cancer

Maybe this will astonish you! Yes, nutritionists accuse coffee of causing cancer in men and women. This is because it contains a very dangerous component, namely the cafestol. This compound is involved in carcinogen activation. However, if we do the fermentation of green coffee beans, the cafestol vanishes. Make sure that your coffee is cafestol-free. In addition, according to Dr. Faid, adding black pepper to coffee doubles the danger of cancer. This is because cafestol and sifrol (exist in pepper) are both carcinogen activation. The danger increases if the two components are combined with acrylamide. Therefore, coffee consumption along with sweets increases the risk of developing cancer.

  • Diabetes

From the ethological observation, those who consume coffee every day for a long time period develop diabetes. For the following simple scientific reason:

When coffee consumers get irritated, caffeine stimulates their bodies to secrete huge amounts of adrenaline. This stress hormone causes damage to the endocrine system; as a consequence, insulin secretion will dysfunctional if this irritation is a repeated habit of coffee consumers. All in all, we can say again that excessive coffee consumption causes serious illnesses.

Moreover, as adrenaline is hormonal disruptive, male potency decreases. In this case, testosterone levels go down. Once you consume a cup of coffee, you become energetic, focused, and active. After 4 years of consumption, you will recognize the following frightening coffee symptoms:

Excessive consumption has the two following symptoms:

  • Fatigue

The most recognizable symptom is fatigue. In a couple of years, your heart function decreases. You will notice fatigue in your muscles. Your brain will slow down until you provide it with caffeine. 

According to Mohamed Faid, a Moroccan expert in food science, a cup of coffee a day is not harmful. He says that it is a short-term activator of body organs. Coffee is consumed for caffeine, as this latter helps in concentration. Moreover, it helps in digestion, as it stimulates the secretion of pepsin.  That’s why it is preferable to be consumed after lunch. Dr.Faid confirms that our body needs little caffeine, so two cups a day are sufficient.

However, in the long term, daily excessive consumption of coffee is very dangerous. All body muscles, including heart muscle, are going to be affected negatively.

  • Addiction

If you consume coffee after each hour, then you are addicted. As a result, you usually get a headache when you do not drink coffee. This is because your body depends mainly on caffeine to cause the blood flow to reach your brain. In fact, this is what explains the fact that the majority of people consume coffee a lot at work. Addicted people cannot work or concentrate without consuming coffee. However, concentration is an easy activity that our brain can do without caffeine. Therefore, people who would like to concentrate should consume tea; because this latter does not give you a short-term concentration, but a non-addicted long-term concentration. All in all, we can say again that excessive coffee consumption causes serious illnesses.


One should consume one or two cups of coffee a day; otherwise, he or she is subject to serious illnesses. So, we have to consume for example orange juice or tea as substitute drinks for coffee. Also, orange juice helps in concentration more than coffee did and is not addictive. Tea helps in concentration and provides the body with antioxidants. 

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