This may be surprising to state the fact that fasting or intermittent fasting renews our immune system. Many people are dying in the US because their immune system is fragile.

Food, fasting, and coronavirus

Experts uncover why, for example, an 80 years-old woman gets quickly recovered from coronavirus, while a 19-years old man perishes. There are many factors responsible for the recovery of an 80 years-old woman from coronavirus. First, we have already talked about the types of food that boost our immunity system. Second, fasting does not only mean abstention from food but more importantly from additives, cancerogenic materials, unsaturated fats, fries, sweets, heavy minerals. Alongside this abstinence, exercising at home warms up the body. The heated body is not an adequate environment for viruses to grow.

The mechanism of fasting in fighting viruses

When you fast, you oblige your body to use what it had stored. This operation makes our blood void of sugar and bad cholesterol; hence, blood circulation gets improved due to refraining from unnecessary fat and excessive sugar consumption. When you fast, you tell your body “be ready to suffer”. Fasting is similar to putting your body into war. This is what makes the body generates the damaged cells and improves its immune system. It is scientifically proven that fasting for short bouts improves our immune system, hence, its ability to recognize the danger and fight it intelligently.

Holders of blood type O resist to coronavirus and fasting makes them resist more

Therefore, a man with a high immunity system will automatically be capable of fighting coronavirus successfully. At a face value, a Chinese laboratory discovers that blood types are an important factor in coronavirus resistance. The study shows that O blood type holders are more resistant to COVID-19 than those holding blood type A. The study seems strange but is supported by statistics; the majority of those who recover from this virus are blood type O. Whereas, those with blood type A are taken by the virus. That is why blood type holders should fast to boost their immune systems. At the moment, we count only on our IS to fight the virus.

Therefore, the body understands fasting as a sign of danger and death. That’s why our body becomes ready not to die by generating or backing up the immunity system. Those who are O blood holders can resist more when they fast than those with other blood types. Fasting becomes then a must in the coronavirus time. All type-blood holders should fast to save themselves from this deadly pandemic. Scientifically speaking, nutritionists believe that fasting should be within the bounds of 16 hours.  


In this article, we have talked about fasting as an important factor to prevent the exposition to infection.

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