There is a lot of foods leading to immediate death. In this article, we are mainly interested in exotic foods and we will discover together that they are dangerous. We mention that exotic foods can be vegetables, fruits, or fish. In addition, people are generally attracted to these dishes prepared with exotic ingredients. However, many consumers have ignored the toxicity of such dishes.

Do you know that fruit seeds are leading to immediate death

Experts in nourishment affirmed that natural product seeds contain a kind of hydrogen cyanide called prussic acid. As examples, apples, fruits, peaches, and apricots. Obviously, individuals generally don’t eat this part of the organic product. However, a few killers have attempted to complete death endeavors utilizing apple seeds. However, the effect which leads to death depends strongly on the number of seeds; the more we increase their quantity, the more the danger of death increases.

Nutmeg lead to sudden death

Do you know that hallucinations are one of the consequences of Nutmeg? This is because taking just 5.6 grams of nutmeg can cause cramps. In addition, eating 8.4 grams can lead to seizures. All these doses can be lethal. Overconsumption of this substance can beget what we call “nutmeg psychosis”, and then people can experience thirst and the end of life.


Some leaves containing glycoalkaloids and potato sprouts can cause diarrhea, cramps, and headaches. Sometimes they can cause their consumers to go into a coma or a deadly death. The dangerous amount is between three and six mg for every kg of body weight. When you notice that the color of the potatoes turns green, do not use it.

Unpasteurized honey is one of the foods leading to immediate death

Natural honey (from the forest) is generally pasteurized before any consumption. However, if we use raw honey, we can certainly have health problems. Indeed, it contains grayanotoxin. In addition, we mention that toxins enter the majority of plant treatment. As bees feed on these plants, the transmission of toxins to the honey is automatic.

According to experts, when you eat a small amount of this untreated honey, certain symptoms appear such as continuous vomiting and incessant sweating. On the other hand, people with weakened immune systems can even die from consuming this type of unprocessed honey.

On of the foods that lead to death we find Tomatoes

Certainly, the use of tomato is essential in many international dishes, mainly in salads, pizzas, and sauces. In addition, it contains lycopene used in the treatment of cancer. However, you should be aware of the use of tomato stems and leaves, as it is full of toxins. On the other hand, we note that the state of health of people suffering from stomach problems can worsen when eating tomatoes. Indeed, it contains a high level of acidity.


During its feeding, the tuna tends to absorb a significant quantity of mercury. The consumption of a large part of this type of fish can cause the accumulation of mercury in our body, and then all kinds of illnesses, including life-threatening illnesses. Mercury can seriously damage the kidneys or cause madness when affecting the brain. The moderate consumption of tuna is not detrimental to health.


For your health, think of cooking the Cassava root in a proper way. When it is raw, it contains hydrogen cyanide. Thus by eating it raw, one can be exposed to death. The ideal technique with which you can overcome any problem with Cassava is to peel it and cut it into slides. In this way, we can easily cook it by baking it.

In nature, we can distinguish two ranges of cassava. The first type is bitter, while the second is sweet. However, if the bitter cassava is not cooked properly, it can lead to death. For your health, we recommend using only sweet cassava.

Raw cashew nuts are foods leading to immediate death

According to scientists, urushiol comes from plants related to the Anacardiaceae class. This chemical is a poison that causes health problems. In addition, researchers confirm that raw cashews are full of urushiol. The latter being very dangerous, manufacturers use a special treatment to remove urushiol from cashews before exposure on the markets.

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