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Why girls education is essential for developing countries


Girls education has been neglected by many thinkers. education is the first step to advancement. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of girls’ education. Before, girls are not financially independent; they are bound either to their fathers or husbands. Education would enable women to get to the work sector.

In some cases, when a husband dies leaving after him children, the mother should in this situation take up responsibility. She should work because education guarantees respectable salaries. The more she receives a great deal of education, the better her salary she gets.

Education and world war II

Historically speaking, in the 19th century period, girls are not allowed to study in universities. Nor black men were. But after world war II, the majority of men died in the war; therefore, Western governments had to integrate women into the public sphere. The reason for this integration was political and economic.

In the 19th century period, women were not allowed to have property or an estate. However, now women are given the right to have access to all sectors. This is because sectors are no longer male, but access is permitted according to competence. Before women’s empowerment, girls had no education, dreams, future. The only thing they think of is marriage. When they become wives, then this is their ultimate end.

Girls’ education and child marriage

There is a strong relationship between girls’ education and child marriage. When a girl receives an education, the risk of getting marriage from an early age decreases. In Arab countries, some girls did not manage to finish their graduate studies, because their parents see girls’ future linked to marriage, not to education. For many parents, girls’ education is a temporary matter.

In fact, many 17-years old girls are about marriage, but since they are studying, then grooms wait until brides obtain their baccalaureate. This is another advantage of girls’ education. Due to poverty and the unknown future, parents are now orienting their daughters to education and work.

Now, the scope of female thinking is wide. It includes not only marriage, education, but also work. Women are independent of their husbands; they can afford the cost of their everyday needs. We have arrived at this attainment by education. So, girls’ education is important, as it empowers daughters and enables them an effective integration.


We cannot fight child marriage except through education. We have to educate our girls so that they become independent from their families and husbands.

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