The health benefits of tea are numerous. It has then many advantages to our health. First, it prevents cancer. Second, it is good for your mouth, as it helps get rid of your stinky breath. Third, it helps in staying focused throughout the day. Fourth, it decreases high blood pressure.

The benefits of tea is that it prevents cancer

In fact, tea prevents us from developing cancer. This is because it is very rich in antioxidants. These components prevent oxidation inside our bodies. For example, when a cell is oxidated, it turns into a cancerogenic cell. This shift caused by oxidation is what leads to cancer. Therefore, tea loaded with this great amount of antioxidants prevents the conversion of cells into cancerogenic ones. In the same vein, tea being rich in antioxidants helps block bacteria to grow inside our mouth; So there will be no stinky breath.

In one of the studies related to about a thousand people, men, and women, who used to drink tea at least once a day, it was proven that those who drank a tea of ​​all kinds regularly from 6 to 10 years, their bones were of a higher degree of intensity and strength, compared to those who drank tea only on occasions.

Tea helps in having a good concentration

Drinking a cup of tea is very sufficient to stay focused throughout the day. This is because it contains caffeine, which is a stimulating effect. On the contrary, coffee is dangerous to our health, for it causes high blood pressure if consumed several times a day. However, consuming several cups of tea is not dangerous at all; it has no side effects, yet the sugar we add to it is what makes it dangerous. When you consume coffee, the latter makes you not focused but hyperactive. Contrary to coffee, tea (Orange juice) is a good choice for concentration.

Decreasing high blood pressure is the most important health benefits of tea

The mechanism of high blood pressure reduction in tea has been shown by many recent studies. Tea is able to help improve the blood flow in our body. This is because it contains not only antioxidants but also L-theanine. The latter is well-known for its anxiety reduction caused by regulating blood pressure. In fact, all medications for high blood pressure are very dangerous, they have side effects on the kidney, liver, and prostate. That is why we have to consume tea so as to regulate our blood pressure before we get ill. This is because high blood pressure is a chronic disease.

In one study, it was found that women who drink green tea every day have a 60% lower risk of ovarian cancer, and green tea has benefits for blood circulation and heart if one considers three to four cups a day.

As for black tea, studies have shown that some of the ingredients found in traditional black tea attack harmful bacteria that cause gum disease, caries, and others.

Conclusion on health benefits of tea

Finally, we have to stay cautious about what we consume in order to control and prevent potential exposure to diseases.

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