Certain healthy habits before bedtime contribute to a decent and ideal rest. This helps to organize a new dynamic day with great vitality. Obligations of work oblige us to leave a warm bed every morning to start a new day of work; this is very difficult especially in winter. Nothing can replace the feeling of comfort and warmth, but we cannot neglect work or other important tasks.

Here are proven healthy habits before bedtime that help you sleep peacefully and wake up more easily.

Healthy habits before bed

1-Clean mattress

The time between waking up and going to work is limited to doing everything you need; it becomes more difficult when you wake up in a messy room or kitchen full of dirty dishes. This makes morning chores more difficult and calls for more laziness.

Take an hour before bed to organize the room. During this hour, wash the dishes and prepare the clothes you will wear in the morning. This will help you achieve what you want to do in less time effortlessly.

2-Set the alarm aside

Place the alarm away from your bed. This forces you to get up to deactivate this alarm. This is because this method reduces your desire to continue your sleep and increases your attention. Use a special alarm instead of a telephone obe. This way you can avoid reading Facebook or Whatsup messages.

Choose an annoying tone to wake you up, rather than the calm tones that will become the soundtrack of your dreams.

3- Stop browsing Facebook

Sending an email before bedtime or browsing social media sites charges your mind and body with negative feelings. These effects disrupt your sleep and do not help the brain and body relax during sleep. In so doing, you will have difficulty waking up in the morning.

4-Daily style before bed

Keep your body trained according to a specific habitus “time to rest” each day before bed. When this maxim is linked to your brain, it will help relax and fall asleep quickly.

You can associate bedtime with eating a cup of ginger herbs, reading, and meditation.

Putting a clock on standby and waking up every day helps wake up more easily. This is simply because your mind and body are ready for bedtime.

5- Using the technique 4-7-8 breathing

According to the National Library of Medicine, breathing slowly is one of the most effective ways to feel calm. This method reduces stress and tension. This is because it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. This helps relax the mind and prepare your body for a peaceful sleep.

You can try this effective way to consciously breathe as “4-7-8” by sitting on the bed with your back straight. This technique is detailed on the medical site. This is, in fact, the easiest healthy habit before bed.

6- Bedtime ideas

Most people’s sleep time is mainly related to over-thinking, self-flogging what you have been doing all day. It pertains also to the embarrassing situation that occurred ten years ago. As an example, your primary graduation ceremony, where you are the only one who remembers this event. So you feel embarrassed again and the negative feelings increase. This bothers you and renews your daily suffering during sleep.

Set aside time before bed to think of happy events in your life. Or repeat self-affirmations that you would like to hear such as “I am strong .. capable to do what I want… I am excellent … ”. these powerful expressions which help you fall asleep and become part of your subconscious.

Your first thoughts when you wake up often reflect the last thing you thought about before bed. So it’s important to take advantage of this habit to make your positive words the last thing in your day. As a consequence, this positive impact continues until the next morning and makes your morning happy and full of energy.

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