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Hotel or house rental? Tips for a safe summer vacation


With the actual epidemic, a natural question arises: a hotel or house rental for summer vacation?

Between general anxiety about the pandemic and the desire to take a summer vacation with the family for change and relaxation after harsh and long months of isolation, many people are facing many difficulties due to the maze of restrictions of the emerging and forever Coronavirus.

Therefore, specialists offer a number of necessary precautions so that you can spend a safe summer vacation with your family in 2021. You should choose hotel or house rental with caution.

Before traveling

If you are planning to spend your summer vacation abroad, the first thing to find out is whether they will allow you to travel in the first place.

If your country is under some form of lockdown, it can be difficult to travel if you decide to, as your flight may be canceled or you spend a period of your vacation in quarantine.

“Before you travel, make sure you have a full understanding of the requirements of your holiday destination and when you return home,” says travel writer Monica Fish. According to AirHelp, some other passengers were completely prevented from boarding the plane because they were not screened before returning.

You should also check your destination and the countries you are allowed to enter. You can visit each country’s official government websites, which can give you a clear overview of the current restrictions, travel restrictions they may have, their entry test requirements, vaccination levels there as well, and to check if some hotels or resorts accept travelers from other countries.

And be sure to choose a means of travel or an airline that allows you to cancel your trip for any reason, in the event that one of your family members becomes ill or things change and travel is no longer a safe option, with a refund of the amount paid.

Rent a vacation home

Instead of crowded hotels or resorts, renting a vacation home near beaches or mountains can give you a sense of peace and security, especially with your own kitchen where you can prepare food with peace of mind and confidence.

Make sure to bring plenty of cleaning supplies, face masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitize every corner of the house before staying in.

Outdoors, not the big city

Many families prefer to spend their summer vacation in big cities, where there are museums, theaters, historical sites, and zoos.

However, the GTM website recommends summer vacation be spent outdoors on beaches, for example, especially since other enclosed visiting spaces or limited capacity may cause disease transmission.

Short excursion and special procedures for children

The risk of infection is related to the duration of exposure, so a short trip is safer than a longer one.

According to Everyday Health, driving in your own car with your family is safer than being on a plane, train, or bus with strangers.

If you must travel with children, it is recommended to wear a mask, keep 6 feet away from others, avoid crowds and poorly ventilated places, wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

Safety devices

Getting the coronavirus vaccine doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. Studies and research are still underway on virus mutations, infection, and even transmission between humans.

It is necessary to take safety precautions and follow preventive measures, by maintaining a safe distance between you and strangers, wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and water, and using sterilizers throughout the flight until you pass safely.

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