In this article, we will see how a mathematics degree can provide better employment for young university students and propose math job offers platforms. By a diploma in mathematics, we mainly mean a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. Of course, the nature of the job strongly depends on the type of degree. Let’s classify the jobs of each degree class.

The connection of mathematics with other sciences

For most people, mathematics is a strange discipline full of difficulties. Sometimes they doubt its usefulness in life. More than that, some people don’t see math as a science. Certainly, the link between mathematics and real life is deep because most of the other sciences such as physics, biology, engineering, … are highly dependent on mathematics. Even banks and finance use an advanced mathematical tool to manage the most difficult operations of the world stock market.

We can admit that mathematics is difficult, but it always has its own harmony. The latter is known only to mathematicians. It is also understandable that many people avoid choosing mathematics as the main course of their diplomas. Because by instinct, humans move away from difficulties and prefer something easy. This is not the case for mathematics, given its abstract nature.

According to the discussion above, the number of degrees in mathematics is much lower than that of other disciplines. This is why the possibility of having a job with a diploma in mathematics is therefore very high.

Degrees of mathematics are available for students

The first diploma in mathematics that allows employment is the Bachelor. In the program, students accumulate significant training in basic and advanced mathematics such as algebra, calculus, probability, numerical analysis, etc. Given the orientation of each university, the math curriculum is not unique to all universities. But in general, there is still necessary common math among all higher education institutions.

The second is a master’s degree. It is a kind of specialized math program. In fact, students can take courses on a specific branch of mathematics, particularly in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or even mathematical engineering. Of course, there is a huge difference between these types of math. In general, pure mathematics is chosen by someone who prefers to do a Ph.D. or have a degree in education. For the other two disciplines of mathematics, there are two choices: pursue a doctorate or apply for a job directly.

The last one is a doctorate. It is a prestigious diploma that opens up a great opportunity. In fact, after completing a master’s program, one can apply for a scholarship for a doctorate. To do this, you must choose a subject that seems appropriate to the accumulated context and have selected an adviser who can give you a research subject. Especially the first year will be only a learning bibliography in the subject, reading books and articles. Then two or more years to produce certain articles and publish them in peer-reviewed mathematical journals. After acceptance of your communication, you can defend your thesis.

Having a degree in math, what job can we get

In general, companies prefer that candidates with a mathematics degree hold the position of a financial analyst. Indeed, a person with a good knowledge of mathematics can help in business decisions. A Logistician position is also a perfect job because in-depth knowledge of operational research (a branch of mathematics) can give good results to the management of all product cycles, optimize the distribution and delivery of products, minimize the cost. transport networks between depots and cities. These categories of work can be done by the type of degrees in mathematics mentioned above.

A person with a master’s degree can get a course job at the university, such as help exercises or teaching certain mathematical basics in algebra and calculus for undergraduate students. This position is not permanent in general, only part-time. However, it is good for someone preparing for their doctorate.

After obtaining a doctorate degree, we have two ways. The first choice is to apply for a government job for occupying sensitive responsibilities such as the database administrator within the ministry or national security. In addition, working in banks and stock exchanges can earn more money. The second choice is academic work. To this end, you must first apply for a post-doc position for two years or more. This will allow you to make your CV very solid. Then apply for the assistant professor position at a college or university.

Having a math degree, where to find math job offers?

We mainly offer you two math job offers platforms. The first is the famous American Mathematical Society (AMS). The latter has a nice home page full of job information, math stories, dates of events, and conferences, as well as news on holding math prizes. The second is based in the UK, and it is beneficial if we are looking for a university job in the UK or Europe. You will find there various offers such as scholarships for masters and doctoral studies and especially for academic work as a teacher.

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