In this post, we will see how Morocco fights viruses. Although, the new coronavirus has emerged in China and spread to almost all countries. This virus has subsequently appeared in Morocco with only two cases. These ones are of European origin. It is impossible to determine the extent to which this virus propagates.

The peculiarity of Morocco can help viruses to spread

Moroccans have traditions that are too special. Indeed, they live in groups, they frequent cafes and stay there for several hours, they exchange visits, in particular religious events, they also have a warm welcome with their hands and their whole body. In fact, Moroccans are charming, warm, and sociable people. But such behavior can lead to a disaster if the country experiences an epidemic like the COVID-19 virus.

Morocco’s medical system to fights viruses

Morocco is exposed to the spread of the virus. This is due to its proximity to Europe, the infected geography. Italy is home to a large Moroccan community. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Morocco possesses a nearly useful medical system. But the resources of the Moroccan medical system are limited. For this reason, it should take strict measures so as to prevent the increase in new cases and viruses.

Morocco should have enacted strict procedures against Moroccans who return to their country. In fact, the two known cases in Morocco are of European origin. First, anyone who wants to return to their homeland should be put under quarantine until the test appears to be negative.

The Moroccan measures to fights viruses

It should also be noted that the virus has engendered a set of disruptions in sectors such as agriculture, maritime, and education. Morocco has so far locked down its borders to prevent any further cases. France and Italy have already known a sort of recession in the economy. Accordingly, Morocco would profit from some facilities after a sharp drop in oil prices.

As a matter of fact, Morocco fights the coronavirus by locking down borders. This was not easy for Morocco to take this step. Yet, it is the most tactful measure that the government took. It is worth mentioning that Morocco has devised an account number where rich people denote so as to help those who no longer work in the midst of this virus.


Indeed, Morocco has succeeded in coping with the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, it implements strict procedures to combat the virus. Morocco takes control of the spread of the virus thanks to solidarity and measures. We also recall that the financial capacity and the lifestyle of Moroccans forced the government to take this type of measure to fights viruses.

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