In this article, we discuss how interior decoration may change your mood from depression to happiness. The interior design of your house is one of the activities to take care of. It is an interesting tool, capable of affecting our mood, and is a means of increasing our happiness. Here, the word “design” means colors, shapes, and sizes, which can give a real chance to the interior of the house.

Therefore, furniture and interior designers tend to seek out new ideas that focus more and more on these elements. Using these ideas in different ways can lead to impressive results.

The interior decoration is your doctor

The decor plays an important role, which is the “hidden wizard” role by stimulating smiles or inciting to think about what is outside the framework of work, and the requirements of contemporary life.

Studies have shown that internal coordination in the home can change mood. In addition, it is able to control the feelings we feel like happiness, depression, and romance. So, those who do not feel enough happiness in their home must think of redesigning it, according to the creator.

Furnishings have an excellent relationship with personal happiness. So a very special piece of furniture can be bought for the person, once at home, they can use it. For example, a comfortable chair to relax and give in to a feeling of happiness.

Return home and psychological comfort

The interior decoration is a mirror that reflects the interior of our interior atmosphere. Of course, it does not replace “medicine”, but it is a kind of treatment, and it is still in its infancy, and it has become an urgent need of our contemporary daily life. Coming home means physical and psychological comfort, so the furniture, colors, and decoration of the house can change your feeling and give a kind of comfort. All of this can make sense if we design our house the way we like it.

Furniture and color balance gives a nice interior decoration

The presence of furniture in sizes commensurate with the space of the room, the consistency of the design lines with the materials used, the harmony between their colors, the colors surrounding them, and the balance between the furniture and the main decoration is very important. It reflects a sense of psychological balance that helps to relax and be satisfied. On the other hand, the lack of attention to these details may conduct to depression and sadness.

Preferably the primary colors are used in pastel tones; sizes that adopt curved lines and avoid sharp corners; preference for wood over metal; hidden lighting over direct lighting; choosing linen, cotton, or silk fabrics instead of acrylic; nylon and synthetic fibers; and choosing soft monochromatic colors instead of exhausting color noise. They are all issues that require consideration of experience, ingenuity, and talent.

Happiness depends on the kind of furniture

Experts consider that the yellow color is associated with happiness and relaxation. This is because it is a color found in nature and helps to create a pleasant and healthy environment in the house similar to nature.

Brown remains the most requested because it gives warmth, intimacy, a sense of intimacy, and comfort. It is recommended to use it in the living rooms. Also, the blue color quietens the bedrooms, especially for children, and in the back gardens and balconies.

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