Leisure time management in crises is an essential issue that we have to allot a major concern. The majority of people are live under quarantine. So, they should know how to manage their time leisure as well as their daily activities. In this article, we are going to notify people about certain salient consuls to follow during this pandemic. Staying at home is a good opportunity for many of us, as it makes us closer to our family, cook at home, study, and work.

Learning a language during leisure time management in crises 

The coronavirus crisis extends our leisure time in that it guarantees more time left for learning a language. Kids could exploit the presence of their fathers to help them learn a language on their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. They can even receive a distance education in the time of coronavirus from home using their devices.

Learning a language is not an easy task; it needs patience and perseverance. First, one should start by learning grammar. Second, he or she has to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. But, grammar is the most important item in learning a language. Once you grasp the grammatical structure, which becomes then engraved in your mind, you can speak by extending the scope of your vocabulary. Speaking is a matter of practice, so when you are not a native speaker, your speaking skills decrease if you do not practice a language.

When you learn a vocabulary item, you have to use it; otherwise, it will no longer be yours. Many people do not use repetition as a strategy to maintain vocabulary. a word can be repeated through writing, speaking, and listening. Now, we can exploit our leisure time in reading and listening; for example, if you subscribe to Netflix, you will practice English using subtitles. You can practice listening and reading at the same time. Moreover, by listening to several movies a day for three months, you will speak fluently.

Family bonds become stronger

Our life before corona was a bit busy, so we have little time for our family. This engenders a gap between family members, in that roles become robotically distributed amongst them. For example, kids study the whole day in schools from morning till evening; mother cooks and do the housework; and father works the whole day outside the home. This trinity (kids, mother, father ) suffers from a mode of living characterized by routine. This sort of living tears apart the family bounds.

Now, the coronavirus has taught us through quarantine to be closer to our family than before. In leisure time, fathers become in touch with their kids; they could now understand their needs and listen to them. The symbol of the father is very important in the growth of children’s psyche. Kids, as a result, are courageous and feel more secure in the presence of their father.

Also, couples will have more time to spend with each other. They may renew their damaged relationships and give themselves a space for correcting several errors. In a time of crisis, people become blended into one; the notion of solidarity increases instead of decreases. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for couples to work hand in hand, in leisure time, and become more tied to each other. This is because the enemy is external, the COVID-19. Psychologically speaking, when two persons have the same enemy, they become more friends and closer to each other.


All in all, we have to exploit our leisure time in bringing forth certain creativity with regard to our family and kids. Also, this is a good opportunity for learning a language.

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