In this article, we are talking about three main options for making money online. The latter is the target of many bloggers around the world. However, to be successful in this work, you will certainly have to be patient and put in a lot of effort.

3 Ways To Make Money Online

By doing a simple search on Google or Youtube, you will find thousands of articles and videos dealing with making money online from home. Here we summarize all this information in one single article to save time for beginners bloggers.

We mainly propose three ways to make money online; launch a blog, a YouTube channel, or invest in e-commerce. An important common step between these three projects is how to drive traffic to your business. In fact, the income depends a lot on the number and quality of traffic visiting your blog or your channel. We mention that this job does not require advanced skills in computer science.

The easy option is to create a youtube channel and make money

To create a youtube channel, you will only need a free Gmail account offered by Google. To shoot videos, you will need a professional camera, a cell phone camera, or just your computer camera. Having these, you need to come up with good ideas and topics for the content of your videos. It is more practical to choose an attractive subject. On YouTube, we notice that family videos generate more traffic. We can therefore only film the pleasant activities of your children or friends and it will be a good start for your project.

If you have skills on a subject, such as training (mathematics, SEO, WordPress …), you can also make a video tutorial on this subject.

You can also apply for an affiliate program and then use a video to showcase the product qualities of these companies’ services. Don’t forget to add your referral link to this program. This will allow you to earn money on Youtube and also through the trade commission.

The most important step in this project is to generate a lot of traffic to your channel. In fact, to start making money on Youtube, you need to have at least 100,000 subscribers on your channel. This is very difficult and requires strategies to reach the goal.

Making money online from your Blog website

To start a blog website project, you need to follow a few steps carefully. In fact, making money online from a blog is not an easy task. A common mistake for many bloggers is to rush to create a general website and then submit it for approval to the Adsense program or other affiliate publishers. In most cases, you cannot get easy approval for these programs. This is because your site will be reviewed by experts and a small mistake can have a huge impact on your application. So before you start, you should read the  AdSense Program Policies. Here we cited AdSense conditions because if one succusses an Adsense approval, certainly the same will be for other AdSense alternative programs.  In addition, we suggest the following tips:

1- Find a good niche and buy a domain name: 

You should search for good interesting topics on a specific keyword. Then buy a domain name linked to the chosen keyword. If your niche is about sport, you may choose for domain (this is just an example to give you an idea of ​​how to select your domain name !!). This strategy will help you make money online soon after setting up your blog website.

 Know that a blog is a collection of pages, articles, and images. The most important thing is to write unique, high-quality content. In addition, your articles should be informative and easy to read. Also, never copy or rewrite content from existing blogs and books. Maybe you can read some articles in-depth on a specific topic and try to write a unique article that gives extra value to those articles. Prepare around 10 articles over 1000 words and 10 other articles between 500 and 900 words. Use 4 categories with 5 posts each.  This is the hardest part of your blog project. Yes, it is because making money online is not trivial.

Don’t forget to prepare 4 important pages (this is very crucial for Adsense approval); about us page in which we introduce the purpose of the blog and information about the staff working on the blog; Terms of use page in which you can explain to the users (visitors) how to use content and materials of the blog; the Privacy Policy page where we explain to users how you can protect users’ personal information and how you collect that information; and finally the contact page.

2-  WordPress theme and plugin: 

It is more convenient to use an optimized premium theme (this is important for Adsense approval). If you have huge content we suggest for you some newspaper theme, and if you have a micro-niche site, try a theme like Adsense WordPress. 

You will also need an SEO plugin (see below for more details on SEO). Maybe the Yoast SEO plugin is the most used by bloggers and it can help you rank your site on google in a short time. One of the most important steps is to optimize your site to be very fast. For this, you need mainly to optimize the size of images and Minify/combine CSS and JS. 

 To keep your site fast, don’t install unnecessary plugins. To test your site for speed use PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. Maybe the premium theme and the SEO plugin will cost you around 100 dollars. But if you want, you can also use a free WordPress theme, there are many on the Internet, just choose the one that suits you, mainly the optimized theme is the best. In addition, there is a free version of the Yoast SEO plugin, this will help, but in the pro version, you will have advanced options.

3- Keywords of an article: 

To increase your chances of ranking your article, it is advisable to choose a long keyword (2 to 4 words), for example, “earn money online”. However, the title of the article should start with the keyword. In addition, the main keyword must be placed in the first 150 words of your article and must be used in the content at least 3 times (depending on the size of your article). If you use the Yoast plugin, it will tell you how to use your keyword. To choose the right keyword you may use the keyword planner, free to use.

  • keyword-search-keyplanner
    Keyword planner “earning money online”

  • Images: It is very important to use images in your article. If the latter is long enough, you can use 2 or 3 images, this will help visitors to stay a few minutes to read the article. Each image must have alternative text. Attention, do not use images that are not free to use. There are sites where we can find free images like the Unsplash site. To compress your images you can also use the Tinypng site which is free.
  • Logo and Analytics: To be professional, you need to create a logo for your site. For this purpose, you can buy a nice logo on Fiverr for five dollars. In addition, you will need a favicon which is a small image (32 x 32) that appears at the start of your website URL (an idea for this is to use a small version of the logo). Most importantly, you need to register your site in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. The first gives you statistics on your site (number of unique visitors, types of traffic, source of traffic, …). The second allows you to verify your site for google by adding a unique code in the head of your site indicating that you are the owner of the site. It also allows you to add your sitemap for indexing in Google.
  • Traffic: This is the most important and difficult step. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site. The ideal is to write good content with an SEO page. This allows you to have organic traffic that requires a few months of work to have good results. The quickest way is to use social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, quora … You must be active to answer questions and comment on the topics. You can also buy traffic on these platforms. but never buy traffic on sites that offer to transmit 1000 visitors per day for only $ 15 per month. Make sure that this traffic is not good and that AdSense does not accept such a traffic source.

Things you need to pay attention

On Google and YouTube, you will find advertisements to buy traffic. They offer thousands of unique visits per day for just a few dollars. Stay away from these sites and never buy traffic for your blog. This will destroy your site and affect the indexing of your blog. Earning money online requires strategies and months of work. The most valuable traffic comes from search in google, organic traffic. To be able to have organic traffic, you need to offer good content that helps visitors in their daily lives. Some time on Youtube, you will see attractive titles, but the content is empty and at the end of the video, they will direct you to courses like SEO or how to advertise on Facebook. Do not do this, you will be wasting your time and money.
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