TikTok is a platform that supports short videos. Moroccan youngster Mohamed Malali has caused quite a stir on TikTok in the past few days. In fact, with a very typical camera fun, he arrived to produce an elegant short video using a famous song by Tommo and Melissa. In the following, we will discuss how Malali’s video has sparked such a huge number of reactions from all countries, especially from well-known personalities like Cristiano Roland, Shakira, Jason Statham, Tomoe, etc.

Who is Mohamed Malali?

In a very short time, the name Mohamed Malali has taken over both Tiktok and Youtube. This adorable character with a gentle smile comes from a province in North Africa called Morocco, grew up in the city of Beni Mellal, and actually lives in Tétouan, a small city in northern Morocco, close to Spain.

The work of Mohamed Malali

It is clear from his video that one can immediately discover that Malali is a simple man with a very nice smile and good faith. Indeed, when I saw his video I felt very comfortable and I repeated it several times, I really like this great production of Malali.

By doing a little research in some Moroccan newsletters close to Malali, I found that this gentleman has a very modest job such as Well drilling. However, even though his work is hard, his personality is elegant and he is kind. In addition, he is creative, this can be seen from his production of this kind of professional video in Tiktok.

Moroccans are cool and creative

Mohamed Malali showed everyone that to be happy you don’t have to be rich. This very poor man seems to be very happy and enjoying his life better than most of us. It has reached millions of people across the world and that in 3 days is amazing. In the end, I will say thank you to Mohamed Malali as well as all the Moroccan people, a very safe country.

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