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Mosquitoes buzz: Why do mosquitoes hover around our ears?


In the summer, the mosquitoes buzz becomes bad music for anyone looking for a good vacation. Oh yeah, I still remember mosquitoes attacking me in a forest around Agadir in Morocco.

Mosquitoes buzz disturb the silence in rural areas and beaches

With summer coming and traveling and wanting to spend time with parents in rural areas or near beaches, perhaps one of your main tasks is to prepare for mosquitoes. Take the appropriate equipment with you to wage war on this vampire creature.

With the family and the young children, your task becomes more complicated. You will be amazed by the famous mosquito bites. In fact, female mosquitoes are the most dangerous and prefer human blood.

But why do these blood-sucking insects hover around our ears in the first place? Why is it making this annoying noise?

“Tinnitus is often just a side effect of mosquitoes banging their wings in the air,” say experts from the University of Arizona. “This sound can’t be heard from afar, so you’ll notice it more when it flies around your ears.”

This could be the sound you hear from a female mosquito. That’s because male and female mosquitoes lead completely different lives.

While males usually hang out and sip flower nectar and don’t care much about humans, females need to find a blood meal after mating in order to have enough energy to produce eggs. Females are also equipped with unique tools to parasitize on their human victims.

How do mosquitoes find their victims?

Experts confirm that female mosquitoes detect their human victims from a distance. This is done by the carbon dioxide we exhale in cone-shaped columns. In fact, carbon dioxide stimulates the female mosquito to begin searching for a host. In other words, mosquitoes are buzzing around our heads because that’s where we produce the most carbon dioxide.

What is her favorite blood?

While some studies suggest blood type O is preferred by mosquitoes, another study is skeptical, as no convincing research has found a link between blood type and mosquito preferences. Mosquitoes are attracted to those who tend to wear dark colors, especially black. If your T-shirt is dark then you will listen to mosquitoes’ buzz all night!!!

How can mosquitoes’ buzz be avoided?

To avoid mosquitoes buzz, the best thing to do is to wear long, light-colored clothing. Furthermore, use insect repellent and stay away from mosquito hotspots, such as wetlands for example, at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

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