Movies that will change your life

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There are movies that will change your life. This is because they are expressive of precious moments. In fact, it may happen that you watch a certain movie, and a few days later, you will always remember it. It makes sense because when a film captures your emotions, your life will be reoriented according to the vision of the film.

Here we discuss two nice films. However, you can also see a list of good films produced in the last 10 years.

The Pursuit of Happiness

It is one of the most important films for actor Will Smith. The film tells a true and sad story in which the director of the film embodies the father’s struggle to pay the cost of living for his child. This drama story helps change our worldview and enlarge our vision.

From the beginning of the drama story to the end, Chris Gardner is in great pain to find regular employment. The protagonist went through difficult times to the point of becoming homeless. This suffrage continues to increase because he is forced to seek accommodation. However, he ends up in a shelter for poor persons. This turns the father’s life upside down.

Despite his suffering, he continues to fight until he convinces a company with his innovative project, and this company trusts him and gives him a lucrative job. This is the turning point where this father’s struggle is proving effective.

The advice we can deduce from this drama story is that we have to be brave to deal with the shortcomings of life. Indeed, these kinds of films can enlarge and change your worldview.

The drama film Nightcrawler (2014) is one of the movies that will change your life

Many film experts have recommended “Nightcrawler” as a dramatic story about a selfish freelancer who sells photos and videos of accidents to TV stations. Without a doubt, this sad and unhappy story will change your daily relationship with others. In fact, The idea of ​​being a photographer begins by observing certain journalists taking photos of a road accident. To realize his dream, he stole an expensive bicycle, to pay the price of a professional camera and a police signal receiver. The latter would allow him to follow police reports of recent city accidents; this allows him to be the first person to take photos and even videos of accident victims. This work makes him a real monster and psychopath.

As his project was successful, he thought of having an employee. One night, by chance, they arrive near a house where they heard gunshots. When the two thieves left the house, they immediately entered it and began filming each victim in the house. He quickly left before the police arrived. This allows him to sell a scary video to a well-known TV channel.

On the other hand, his excessive selfishness leads him to film his assistant who is dying to sell the video to channels and earn more money. This movie managed to make people who watched it hate selfishness. Indeed, these kinds of films can enlarge and change your worldview.

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