IIn this post, we investigate the psychological behaviors of a narcissistic personality. The concept of narcissism is quite popular in psychology. The majority of psychologists advise people to stay away from narcissists. Sometimes, a narcissist can be your friend or partner. It is a bit difficult to know that your friend is so; that is why this post is here for you. Read the post carefully so as to recognize the traits of a narcissist.

The grandiosity of the self is a psychological behavior of a narcissist personality.

This is the first significant sign of narcissism. A person with high self-confidence is very dangerous, as he sees himself as the best. A narcissist can harm people with his harsh words; he views all persons below him. He is only the smarter, and he loves people to shed light on him. Furthermore, he has a sense of grandeur. First, if he is handsome, he loves looking in the mirror for hours. Second, if he is an engineer, he would spend hours talking about his academic achievements. Third, if you say a joke, he thinks that you are criticizing him. He could defend himself harshly to prove that others are wrong. That’s one of the psychological behaviors of a narcissist.

Excepting others to praise him

This is what psychologists call “the sense of entitlement”. Narcissists’ personalities expect that you treat them in a special manner, simply because they view themselves as special. When they do not get what they expect from you, they tend to criticize. Someone with narcissism thinks that the whole world revolves around him. In fact, they do their best to impress people. If you criticize him, he gets quickly irritated. So, he hates being criticized by his family, friends, and his colleagues. On the contrary, a narcissist adores those who give him praise and admiration. Also, narcissists love taking pictures of themselves a lot.

Contempt for others: A psychological behavior of a narcissist

A narcissist usually disdains others! To understand why he does this, consider the following example. Imagine that there are two friends: the first is more knowledgeable than the other. The latter is a narcissist. When the two talk, the narcissist will automatically belittle his friend’s information and mock him. In fact, narcissists usually do not give much importance to what you say, even though you support your words with academic references. He let you understand implicitly, “your analysis is not good, but mine is so,” said the narcissist. It is very important not to be too nice, so as not to be exploited by a narcissist. That’s one of the psychological behaviors of a narcissist.

Conclusion on the narcissistic personality

We have to know how to deal with the behaviors of narcissists. First, if you can stay away from them, this is a useful method. Otherwise, you have to be cautious about your words. Second, a narcissist exploits others a lot around him. Finally, try as much as you can to stay away from them, because they are very dangerous and not helpful.

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