This article is addressed to persons who are too nice. This is due to the fact that they suffer from this trait. In fact, being nice causes you many problems at work as well as at home. This does not mean that you have to be mean, rude, and severe. On the contrary, you should not accept things that others impose upon you by force and power. You have to learn to say no.

We live in a society where the powerful subdues the weak

The reason why many people stop being too nice is their own experience. Their accumulated experience taught them that if they are nice, they will perish. Though we live in democratic societies, the powerful looks down on the weak. If you are in a state of kindness, people will use you. They will not exploit you on the basis of your kindness but on the basis of your weak personality.

You think that you are helping others because you are kind. This is wrong; in fact, you are helping people because you are afraid of saying no to them, especially when something does not suit you. Therefore, you have to distinguish between kindness and fear. If you know the origin of your problem, you have to take action. Think about changing your behavior and learn to say no.

It is a bit difficult to change yourself if you are too nice. However, psychologically speaking, there is one unique method to do that. It is to develop your capacities to become more successful, competent, and intelligent. Fortunately, our personalities are amenable to change. The change comes to the fore when you are aware of your drives.

The paradox: nice to people, rude to yourself

The ensuing paradox is that too much kindness means good toward others and harsh toward yourself. You may treat yourself badly and do the contrary to others. However, being nice means so with your family and those who are beneath you. We can admit that a police officer is nice, but we do not accept that a weak person is nice. The latter is nice because he is afraid.

Psychologically speaking, when you speak confidently, people respect you. However, when you speak without confidence, you give a sign to the interlocutor to attack you and despise you. It is a matter of practice to be nice and confident; you have to be nice to yourself and rude to others when they cross the boundaries of respect. Charismatic persons know very much about how to manage impolite individuals.

When you express your disapproval, your people respect you and love you. Otherwise, you will always be nice and say yes for what others voted. You will have no charisma before your friends. Charismatic persons are those who are nice and not afraid of expressing their ideas.

Charismatic persons: O-minus-blood holders

Many studies have shown that O minus blood type holders are the smartest people in the world. They are unique; they get nervous quickly because they have by definition high blood pressure. They exceed human IQ levels; they are supernatural. These persons are too nice but very charismatic; they do not accept violence, oppression, and injustice. If you behave badly with an O-minus-blood holder, he will get you embarrassed. Their responses are at the ready.


If you are too nice, you will perish and cause yourself a failure.

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