Our immune system can fight viruses through healthy food; this is a fact that the majority of people do not pay attention to. Instead, media is cramped with a piece of disinfectant-based advice; a lot of TV programs advise people to wash their hands and use sterilizations; however, they do not take into account the most important factor which can stop the virus and help the body get rid of it. The most important factor is our “immune system”.

The nexus between viruses and IS (immune system)

Given that there is a person infected by this viral disease, he or she will recover soon without medications if and only if his or her immune system is strong. Here lies the importance of our IS, so we have to concentrate on food that boosts the latter instead of concentration on disinfectants. On the other hand, persons with chronic diseases have their immune system weak and fragile, so they have to boost it. For example, for those who have recently undergone the treatment of chemotherapy, their immune system dramatically goes down. As a consequence, they need to boost their immune system through a number of healthy nutrients.  

having control over this pandemic is possible

People should take off their shoes before coming into their houses; they should put them on a wet carpet with sterilizations. That is the procedure taken so far by China, France, and Italy. In fact, China has managed through the advanced technological devices that it diffuses amongst their authority agents using Big-Data so as to facilitate the detection of infected individuals. China built a hospital from the crush, which contains all the infectious cases; as a result, this big hospital becomes now almost empty, as the majority of cases get recovered. They get, in fact, healthier because doctors strive to boost their immune system through two salient things:

1-Nutritional aspect

Coronavirus, like all other viruses, can be overcome by the increase of the IS. First, one should stay away from food that decreases the IS: additives, fast food, fries, soft drinks and processed food, sterilized food, pasteurized milk, and the like.  Second, once you boycott this type of food, start to be on a vegetarian diet.

Serials are a good source of vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens, proteins, and enzymes. phytoestrogens are the most important compounds that make the body heats up. Fish contains a great number of phytoestrogens alongside other things that incite the hormonal system.

Olive oil is rich in sterols, antioxidants, and Omega3 (unsaturated fat). Omega3 is responsible for the observation and hence protection of the IS; it also warms the body and, therefore, prevents the viruses from growing. In addition, vegetables warm and provide the body with a huge amount of antioxidants.

Spices are very useful in fighting coronavirus, as it dramatically warms the body. Now, COVID-19 does not cause mortality in India, because this country consumes very spicy food that other nationalities could not stand. The Indian diet is vegetarian and based on spicy food. In the same vein, china’s food is vegetarian; that’s why its patients have managed to recover from the aftermath of the COVID-19.

 There are a number of supplements for those who do not consume healthy meals.

  • Royal jelly (500 to 1000mg a day)
  • Silymarin
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C (500 to 1000mg a day)
  • Omega3
  • Folic acid&Vitamin12
  • Zink

2-Psychological aspect

In fact, it is striking that if one is in depression, his immune system decreases dramatically, no matter the healthy diet he is following. Healthy food can reduce temper and anger; however, if a person enters into a state of long-term depression, this will affect the IS negatively, and the viruses grow fast in this case. Being on a vegetarian diet is not a necessary procedure whereby you fight the disease. However, you have to be relaxed, non-depressed, and happy so that the IS becomes stronger.

Those who have depression out of bad nutrition should consume food containing serotonin, magnesium, and tryptophan. Fish is rich in the aforementioned nutrients. To fight the depression that causes our IS to decrease, one should not consume huge amounts of proteins. The latter, if excessive, prevents the absorption of vitamins.  As a consequence, vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and folic acid will not be absorbed. Those who are in depression should stop thinking negatively and started exercising certain effective habits; for example, we can deceive our body by pretending laughter for 15 minutes; this way, our brain started to secrete dopamine and hormones of happiness. Though the method is simple, it is very effective.

Conclusion on the fact that our immune system can fight viruses

If we take this piece of advice into account, we are going to protect ourselves from any future viruses easily. we have to learn from this international plague that we should not rely blindly on modern medicine; instead, we should change our lifestyle such that our IS becomes stronger.

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