Why do we need to protect children when using mobile devices? Indeed, children have easy access to the Internet. They can download games and videos easily from websites. If the access is easy,  then parents can be shocked at the misuse of their credit cards. They can use these credit cards to see inappropriate content.

The head of the European Center for Consumer Protection recommended that parents should set their smartphones and tablets away from the reach of their children.

She stressed that credit card data should not be memorized on children’s mobile devices. This is because they may do certain unpleasant and random purchases. This way, parents will protect themselves from money wasting.

protect children when using mobile devices while using YouTube settings

Parents can control their children’s access to YouTube videos by activating the “restricted mode” option. This way, parents can hide these types of content.

However, the YouTube platform asserts that children can disable “restricted mode” because there is no “filter” that works 100%.

Parents should download the YouTube Kids app so as to camouflage the bad content. In addition, they control what the children watch using some protection settings. This is a perfect technique to protect children when using mobile devices.

The Google Android operating system brings forth new options for setting mobile devices to make apps safe for children. “Google Play” allows parents to activate a kind of protection for children. In addition, certain types of movies, music, and videos are harmful to children. Moreover, the Google Play store requests authentication when children make purchases.

Create special accounts for children

Generally speaking, the owner’s account can make multiple accounts on his computer device. The head of the center recommends that the parents should restrict the usage of their accounts solely to themselves. All the above, parents can do this by creating a security code “PIN”. In so doing, children are aloof from being subject to violence and hideous content.

Alternatively, we can create a special user account for children and linked it to Google accounts. This account can be controlled by parents so that some websites are away from the reach of children.

“Family Link” is one of the most important apps. This is because it allows parents to make some settings changes; through this application, parents can block or allow their children some types of apps. This application allows parents to have easy access to children’s devices, using a remote control.

Probably we can block some applications using the “Screen Time” option allowed by the iPhone smartphone, or using advanced antivirus apps. This option enables powerful children’s security. Furthermore, they can block some websites and hide some applications from the reach of children. Parents should remember passwords so that they can do constant changes in the settings menu.

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