How to remove the smell in the fridge without any chemical product? Here’s why you should put a teabag in your fridge.

The solution to bad fridge odors

It is painful to open the refrigerator and be hit by a bad smell. You can take everything out of the fridge and clean it thoroughly, but you may not always have the time or inclination to do so. Also, a smelly fridge doesn’t have to be dirty. Maybe there are leftovers that smell like garlic or onion. To mask this kind of smell, you can use this handy trick with a teabag! To remove the smell in the fridge using the best and traditional methods, read the following:


It’s not that strange for bad smells to develop in your refrigerator. After all, it contains tons of different food items, all of which have their own unique smell. Not all foods can withstand the temperature of your fridge, so it makes sense that they start to smell; think leftovers with garlic, onion, or different types of cabbage. Does your refrigerator have suspicious odors but you don’t have time to clean it thoroughly? This simple trick will do wonders. You just need a teabag. Removing the smell in the fridge becomes a necessity.

Remove smells in the fridge, the best solution is a Teabag!

Before performing this trick, you must have removed the culprit of these bad odors from your refrigerator or placed it in an airtight container. Ready? Use a used tea bag and let it dry. place it on a small dish and in the center of your refrigerator. If you have a large phone, use several tea bags. You will see that the scent has been quickly distributed by the teabag. You don’t drink tea? You can also use a small bowl of coffee grounds or baking soda.

Remove bad smells from other places in your home

Now that we know tea bags have the ability to mask bad smells, why not try it in other places in your home? You can place a teabag in your cat’s litter box or in the bottom of a trash can and it will also work wonders. Bonus tip: Tea can also protect your plants against harmful fungus and mold. Boil water and add the used teabag. You will make a kind of light tea. Let it cool and use it to water your houseplants.

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