Did you know that sleeping with wet hair can cause problems? Yes, it is because this behavior can be associated with negative effects on the beauty and health of hair. In the rest of this article, we explain why it is necessary to completely dry the hair before going to bed.

Sleeping with wet hair damages the fibers

Most people shower in the evening and go back to bed immediately without drying their hair. According to experts, this behavior has many disadvantages. In fact, one of the big problems is that the hair fibers are directly damaged. Wet hair suffers from weakness in its protective covering and in the crusts which form a barrier that isolates the hair from external factors. This is confirmed by dermatologists who reveal the dangers of sleeping with wet hair on the hair itself and the scalp.

Hair breakage

Experts claim that during sleep wet hair frequently rubs with the pillow and therefore breaks easily. Generally, a pillow carries various microscopic bodies. Thus, humidity and body temperature create an environment conducive to the growth of fungi and bacteria. This can cause dandruff and other skin problems affecting the scalp. In addition, wet and cold hair causes pain in the head and neck.

Eventual solutions

Sleeping with wet hair is not harmful in itself, but adopting this habit repeatedly can lead to problems of different severity depending on the type of hair and its reaction. Therefore, it is advisable in this case to wrap the hair with a towel when you need to lie down with wet hair. This tip would help the towel absorb moisture and dry the hair faster.

If your hair is wet, don’t tyling it. Because it causes breakage and loss of natural shine in your hair; just like fixing wet hair is a step that causes their fibers to break. The most important thing at this stage is to treat wet hair gently as it is too weak.

Experts recommend using a little coconut oil on wet hair to nourish, soften, and protect it from external factors. To obtain a good result, rub the oil between the palms of the hands to heat it a little then pass it between the locks of hair. Coconut oil can also be used instead of conditioning the hair while washing it and leaving it for two minutes before rinsing it or applying it as a mask on the hair for several hours before washing it with shampoo and water. It is also possible to massage the scalp with coconut oil before bed, leave it overnight, and then wash it in the morning.

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