In this article, we provide an overview of the use of technology and big data is to fight COVID-19.

When the coronavirus started to spread in China, everyone thought that this country would melt. On February 27, 2020, the world record for the first time a large infection with COVID-19 more than China. On March 10, 2020, the Chinese president learned that his country had dominated the spread of the virus. Indeed China has started to save itself from the virus, and that the other countries of the world are bored with this virus come from China.

The approach used by China against COVID-19

What you need to know about China is that it is a country that develops well in technology. The latter is used to observe and control the whole country. The first characteristic of China is that it quickly reacted to the danger of coronavirus and that it followed a unique and effective approach to fight against this epidemic. Of course, this great feat surprised everyone. In fact, in the first days of the virus’s spread, China quarantined 60 million suspects. It also built well-equipped temporary hospitals in 10 days to receive a large number of people infected with the COVID-19.

Technology to fight viruses

China is using its technology to combat COVID-19. In fact, China has taken advantage of robots to reduce contact between humans. The nursing robot has therefore appeared, it supports 10 people at the same time. Another robot for daily delivery. In addition to all of this, there are also a large number of drones that help control infected people. There is also a robot that cleans streets and hospitals, and a mobile robot to detect infected people on the street and that advises passengers. On the other hand, thousands of police officers can also detect people infected with the virus by measuring the temperature at a distance from each individual.

How big data has helped against COVID-19?

China is known for its technological development invested in the control of all these citizens. In fact, at least 300 million cameras are fixed in all the streets of China whose goal is to control the whole country. Cameras detect faces and others can even predict people’s feelings. It can even determine the names, ID card numbers, and addresses of people infected with the virus.

This victory for china’s control COVID-19 is due to big data; how this? With the use of an intelligent matrix that gathers the medical file, the criminal file, and the travel card in the public transport of each individual; the government can identify and quarantine anyone who already has contact with infected people.

Do things stop here? Of course not! The developers have created a very integrated application. By entering your name and national number, you can track the map of infected people on your device. In addition, giant companies like Alibaba, create “QR Codes” linked to government data, and therefore in the pocket of the citizen, there is a pass of three colors red, edge and green according to his state of health. This code is necessary if you want to enter supermarkets or take public transport. Hence, the role of technology and big data to fight viruses.


In this post, we have seen the role of technology and big data to fight viruses. The latter is in continuous distribution worldwide, especially in European countries such as Italy, Spain, and France. It is a global epidemic that requires solidarity among all countries. So far, there is no vaccine and no drugs against this virus. Protection and cleanliness are the only weapons against COVID-19.

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