Sectors have known for a state of recession in all sectors. In this article, we are going to talk about the bad consequences of coronavirus worldwide. In fact, Coronavirus triggers a state de depression worldwide. This crisis invades all sectors: the medical sector, the agricultural sector, the maritime sector, and the academic sector.

Medical sector

There is a serious crisis in all world hospitals. In fact, authorities no longer host infected people with coronavirus. This is because there are no places left in hospitals. There are many doctors who take care of infected patients and advise the majority to stay home. Doctors themselves are getting infected by means of their daily contact with their patients. Many nurses do not take care of the infected people, because they are averse and afraid of getting contagious. On the other hand, many doctors are deprived of seeing their children, because they are afraid of infecting their families. So, they are themselves in quasi-quarantine.

Agricultural sector

The majority of farmers started to sell vegetables more expensively in the time of crisis. This is due to greed and the absence of a sense of solidarity. Monopol increases in the agriculture sector. As a result, authorities in Arab countries started to enact strict procedures against the monopolizers of sales and goods. The world is under a serious pandemic; therefore, we do have not to sell food more costly. Instead, farmers should show their love for their countries and denote or at least sell agricultural products at handy prices.

Maritime sector

The maritime sector has known a recession nowadays. Many countries no longer benefit from exportation due to the closeness of borders. However, Local distributions still supply citizens with maritime products. Many nutritionists are counting on the importance of daily consumption of fish, as the latter boosts our immunity system against this viral epidemy.

Academic sector

The academic sector has been postponed in due course. Students are spending the whole day near their parents. They started to get annoyed and feed up with being inside the home. However, they learn from distance education using their smart devices. Accordingly, we have to know how to protect our children from using smartphones. There should be a follow-up in terms of time management of family members in the coronavirus crisis. For example, parents have to know perfectly how to make a schedule for their kids so as to fight boredom in these hardships. We should know how to manage our leisure time, especially in the upcoming days.


Indeed, we can say that coronavirus can play the whole world under a state of recession. See this link for more information.

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