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The health benefits of honey


The health benefits of honey are numerous. Indeed, humans have long understood that bees can be a valuable ally in the fight against diseases and their prevention. Energy food, less known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, the list of benefits of honey is long.

The benefits of honey

In many countries, honey has always been used as a remedy, pure or mixed with plants. In the USA, everyone knows the benefits of honey or honey candy for relieving sore throats.

Some honey is known for its laxative properties, others to treat burns, inflammations …The properties of honey are even used to treat snakebites.

Today, pharmacopeia is starting to take a closer look at the benefits of honey that our ancients had known for a long time. The benefits of royal jelly are treated in a special section.

Beneficial for health, honey goes well with several dishes and goes perfectly in the composition of various succulent recipes. There are different types of honey with different flavors and properties, which pair differently with your dishes. There are among others honey made from flowers, lavender honey, or even chestnut honey. Obviously, each of these products has its own virtues and benefits.

For many years and in many countries, honey, whether or not associated with plants, has been used as a remedy. Honey is great for the respiratory tract to help calm coughs and sore throats.

Apitherapy: an alternative medicine

Apitherapy consists of treating many ailments thanks to the benefits of honey and its derivatives.

Honey is an energy food sought after by athletes with its easily usable sugar and 310 kcal per 100 grams.

The properties of honey are multiple: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (which are responsible for the formation of free radicals as we age).

Honey improves the retention of calcium and magnesium as well as the level of hemoglobin in the blood. In hospitals, honey specially prepared and standardized for its purification is used for healing.

Pollen: rich in proteins, it improves the general condition by stimulating the immune defenses. It is a fortifier used in case of fatigue, bacterial or viral attack.

Royal jelly: It is also very effective fortifying with benefits on the whole body. It can be used as a cure in the fall or in the spring.

Propolis: Collected by bees from tree buds, it is used by them for its antibacterial properties. In human alternative medicine, propolis is indicated to treat the majority of bacterial infections.

Each type of honey has its advantages

The health benefits of honey depond on the homey category. The following are the most known types of honey:

Acacia honey: Considered an intestinal regulator, it is recommended for young children.

Buckthorn honey: This honey is attributed purgative benefits like those of the plant.

Oak honey (honeydew): Like a lot of forest honey, it is one of the honey that contains the most trace elements.

Rapeseed honey: It contains trace elements like calcium and boron.

Lavender honey: It is used in cosmetics: soaps, shampoos.

Alfalfa honey: Renowned for its energy benefits, this honey is recommended for athletes and people who are tired or recovering.

Dandelion honey: It is honey with diuretic properties.

Linden honey: It contains trace elements (potassium, calcium, and manganese).

Sunflower honey: This honey contains calcium, boron, and silicon.

Thyme honey: Traditionally, thyme honey is used to sweeten evening infusions: soothing, it promotes sleep. Thyme honey is very rich in copper.

Honey from Garrigue: Rich in trace elements, Honey from Garrigue has tonic and fortifying properties.

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