How to explain the huge number of separations in August every year. This situation caught the sociologist’s attention and curiosity. In fact, several studies seek to find the right reasons to divorce at this time of year. What seems surprising is that deep problems appear even if the summer is a good opportunity for many couples to have a good time together away from the stress of work. However, it is a reality that we have to find the reasons that led to the separation in August.

Here we summarise the results of some studies on this divorce problem during summer.

Marriage ends by the end of August: couples with kids

Certainly, each couple may have outstanding issues that cannot be resolved until the summer. It is because of the profession or if the children take exams at school. The couple therefore patiently waits for summer when there is no school for children and work breaks. As a result, the couple began to resolve certain issues in conjunction with the high-speed vacation. In most cases, couples are unable to find an arrangement in August. In this way, couples cannot extend their problems to the next year of work. This is one of the reasons for divorce in late August.

Marriage ends by the end of August: new couples

In fact, August is the month when couples spend all their time together. This can be considered a new habit since they are almost distant from each other during the other months. This causes the huge number of separations in august. In this case, the couples began to discover unusual and unpleasant behaviors. They began to recognize the mistakes of some. This will cause them to criticize each other a lot, so the problems begin. At the end of August, you will discover that they cannot support each other, then divorce is the way out.

Divorce by the end of August: old couples

Life with children is good, where parents have a lot of good time with family members. When the children grow up naturally, they leave the house, so that the parents are left alone. In fact, being alone can create a feeling of boredom. This later makes life desirable in front of the partners and increases the pessimism in them. When pessimism enters their lives, there will be no room to deal with the problems. In this way, separation takes place. Other partners have already decided to divorce, but are only waiting for the right moment. Partners usually postpone the divorce until the appropriate time. The latter always intersects with late August.

Conclusion: Some tips on how to avoid divorce

First: effective and daily communications:Couples must have their private space to communicate without intervention from the family. This will help them discuss their pending issues without any disruption. Their conjugal discussion must be reasonable, fluid, and without reaction.

Second: consult marital expertsSometimes couples cannot resolve their problems even with the advice of family and friends. This is why they urgently need to contact an expert in conjugal relations.

Third: minimizing negative traits that lead to divorceThe lack of generosity in men is the main factor in the separation of couples. In fact, women cannot bear miserly because spouses tend to live luxurious lives. For example, they like to travel and change old furniture with a new one.

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