Every year engineers develop and update antivirus software. As the risk of hacking your personal information has become more increased, engineers have developed programs to protect your computer. The importance of those programs is not confined to anti-virus, but it does include detecting and preventing malicious programs, electronic fraud, and so on and forth.

The American “IGN” website alludes to five anti-virus programs that have been regarded recently as the best anti-virus software for 2020:

Webroot Secure Anywhere: the best antivirus software

According to the site, many people consider “WebRoot Secure Anywhere” the best antivirus software. In fact, its users regard it as the best option; it accomplishes scans faster than any other previous programs that have been tested and used for years.

Since the program is based on the cloud, it does not need to be updated. Once the user installs the program, it takes up 1 megabyte of device space. In addition, this program is effective, as it scores 10/10 in malware testing.

According to the site, this program has been given particular importance. This importance stems from combating phishing and ransomware. The company associates an additional free extension with this program; the user usually installs it in the browser so as to prevent access to harmful websites. We notice that the program allows a number of advanced control properties as well.

The only downside of this program is the fact that it only works on online devices. This is because this antivirus software is a cloud-based program. When you’re not online, you cannot protect your device from viruses.

The antivirus software Kaspersky is easy to use

The site explained that the program “Kaspersky” is handy and easy to use; it does a lot of things well due to its excellent performance.

An on-screen keyboard is provided by the program alongside a license. This license enables you to install the program on three devices. This is what explains why this antivirus software is so expensive if one compares it to other antivirus programs. Its value springs from the excellent modes of protection it offers

BitDefender Antivirus Plus

“BitDefender” is a great option because it works most of the time on the automatic guide system; it is very unobtrusive and provides great protection at a very highly competitive price.

Unlike other programs, the users can easily install BitDefender on up to five devices, including iOS, Android, and Mac.

This program provides a number of useful characteristics; these ones have to do with protecting your device from phishing, file damage, password management, and ransomware; it allows other options such as parental control.

Sophos Home Premium

This program has extraordinary features that anyone would not miss out on. You can buy this program for only $ 50. In addition, you will be able to protect up to 10 devices from the majority of threatening attempts.

When a suspicious event has occurred, email alerts enable effective parental control with regard to children’s safety.

According to the IGN website, despite the intense competition in the field of security, this program has a strong sound. Many users view this program as easy to navigate; these features make it the winner.

Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security is a set of powerful programs easy to use; it provides the entire home with total security and protects it from online threats.

This program is a great choice with regard to protecting your devices against phishing and malware. In addition to parental control, its security is in the process of functioning even though you don’t follow its warnings.

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