We are going to propose some tips on how to educate children. In fact, children’s education is a difficult task; it requires forbearance and the use of tips advocated by education psychology. Here, we lay down the most three innovative tips on children’s education.

First tip: educating children by example

This is the most important step for educating kids; children see their mother or father as an example. So, if the latter does not keep his or her word, then kids will lie at home and in school. There are a number of cases, where the mother advises her kid not to lie, yet she herself lies. The psychological fabric of the kid does not pay attention to words than actions. Therefore, education should be action-oriented, not word-oriented.

If you want your kid to read, be yourself a real example of the father who spends hours reading from a book or a laptop. Psychologically speaking, a kid loves imitating his parents, especially the father. Therefore, as education starts with imitation, the father should represent a concrete example of certain beneficial activities.

Some parents read for their kids in bed before sleep. This technique fosters in them the love of reading. When they become a bit elder, they will read themselves. The image of a father sitting on a chair, holding a book, and reading it is engraved in children’s memory. Kids will automatically imitate their father without an excessive piece of advice.

Second tip: educating children by orders

Authority is the main component in children’s education; it has the ability to strengthen some moral precepts in children’s memory. Many do not understand the difference between knowledge and culture. Knowing the difference is key in children’s education. If knowledge is a body of ideas learned by children, culture is the concrete application of this knowledge. The passage from knowledge to culture takes place through education, which manifests itself in orders or instructions.

On the basis of the aforementioned, we have to order our children to do certain daily tasks. If children show a kind of resistance, parents can persuade them to the importance of those orders in their future life. Otherwise, they should punish them by preventing their kids from having access to the Internet in their leisure time.

Third tip: control your children’s access to the Internet

It is vital to know that uncontrolled access to the internet will automatically demolish parental efforts in educating your children. When children do their homework, their leisure time should be managed in the form of a schedule. In so doing, kids learn useful habits that will enable them to radiate a real education. Children’s education has to do with the management of their spare time as well as that of their access to the internet. we have already talked in an article about how to protect your children when using mobile devices.

When you control your children’s access to the Internet, never let them feel that you are doing so. Because when the kid knows that you control him, he will think of how to get rid of that control. He is going to enter in a state of the cold war against your measures. Therefore, control should be technological, robotic, from afar, and not manual. Parental control should be taking into account the children’s psyche. Controls that are offensive to your children’s sentiments should be avoided as possible.


We have so far exhibited three important tips on how to educate your children effectively: Education by example, orders, and control.

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