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The sitting position reveals your personality


How to hold your legs when you are seated? Here’s what your sitting position reveals about your personality:

So when you are in contact with other people, you say a lot more with your body than with your own words. It actually has nothing to do with what we say, but with how we feel when we speak. It can be difficult to talk about our feelings, which is why we often communicate our emotions through body language.

It can help others understand if there is an underlying meaning to what we say and how we feel about them. This is why our body language is important when creating contact with others. What is your usual sitting position? It can reveal a lot about your personality.

Find out your sitting position below:


The sitting position A: creative and charismatic personality

People who associate like that are very creative and charismatic. They are spontaneous and do not think long before making a decision. It can cause trouble from time to time, but their personal charm helps them get out of sticky situations. These people see life as an adventure and are open to new experiences. They are also very popular and make friends easily, although many of these relationships are fleeting.

The sitting position B: real dreamers

People who sit in this position are real dreamers. They have great imaginations and can completely lose their heads in the clouds. They are very emphatic and can easily connect with others, but they sometimes withdraw. They are very attentive people and very attentive to their feelings.

The sitting position C: chaotic people

They are chaotic people who have a hard time concentrating and staying still. Their minds are always on the move and they often speak before they think about the impact of their words. They get bored quickly and have very short attention spans. They shine in fast-paced environments with lots of stimuli. In relationships, they lose interest very quickly too, and they need someone to bring them back to reality.

The sitting position D: intelligent people

They are often very intelligent people who are good rational thinkers. They are punctual, clean, and orderly. Their house is often super clean and tidy, and everything is in its place. They are a little reserved and do not reveal themselves very quickly. Yet they are very honest and do not like gossip. They remain calm in all situations and do not lose control easily.

The sitting position E: goal-oriented

These people are very goal-oriented and enjoy their careers very much. They enjoy setting ambitious goals and don’t settle for anything less. On a personal level, they also set themselves goals, in terms of health or love, for example. They are very perfectionists in everything, including their personal appearance. This sometimes takes them away from the reality of what they already have, as they always yearn for more.

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