The main causes of fear are numerous. First, there is a psychological cause, which is related to childhood or the environment. Second, an unhealthy lifestyle can cause fear in young men.

The psychological element as the main cause of fear

Young men who have just traversed the phase of adolescence are more prone to fear. This is because their parents are waiting for them to succeed in their studies and life. The challenge and responsibility are put on their shoulders; the heavy loads they carry not only to achieve success but to make their parents happy. Therefore, fear is natural in this case, as it urges the adolescents to give their utmost.

However, when fear exceeded its limits, it turns then to be destructive. When fear is linked to men’s destiny and future, it is then unfavorable. Because this kind of fear will not help you in achieving your dreams. Furthermore, we should know how to contend with the main cause of fear due to the shortcomings of life.

You just need to transfer yourself from an intellectual point of view; distribute your time in an excellent way; strive in the righteousness of your parents; strive in your studies; increase your awareness; comfort yourself with good and beautiful things. This is what will benefit you.

Focusing on these ideas makes them control you; this is unacceptable, so please take this approach, so you do not need any kind of drug therapy. Relaxation exercises are very useful for removing all tensions; all the psychological anxiety that leads to the phenomena will vanish.

An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main causes of fear

The main cause of fear pertains to our lifestyle. Living in an environment full of obstacles, hindrances, and rigid customs will impact negatively your lifestyle. If there is strife amongst your family members, this enhances fear in you. In fact, the phase of adulthood is the period of self-formation. When this one is associated with fear, it cannot help you form your personality and makes it sharpened. The absence of fear and the feeling of being secured enhances the ability to grow stronger.

However, daily problems inside the home, and bad parental treatment, and the absence of a healthy atmosphere influence the ability to learn, memorize and understand. This is because fear has a negative impact on learning. If one changes his or her lifestyle, the change will make a difference. Change is not an easy task; it needs perseverance, hard work, and responsibility.

Adolescents should fight fear

Anxiety concerns can extend to everything in a person’s life; fear of the present and fear of the future; fear for health; obsessive obsessions that cause more disturbance to a person. We must understand that we fully realize that anxiety has a very large part expressed through fear.

Even obsessive energy is psychological energy that has a very large positive side; but when it outstrips the acceptable range, it causes inconvenience to its owner; so behaviorists confirm that the best way to treat fear and anxiety is to ignore them. In fact, man corrects his concepts about fear. He can also heal from it by despising the idea of ​​fear and anxiety.

First, exploiting time in a positive, productive, and effective way reduces the opportunity to think about anxiety and unhelpful things. Second, training in relaxation exercises; we always recommend it, as well as exercising, as it is of great benefit. Third, developing social skills through a lot of social communication, practicing group sport, group prayer, family participation in household activities, and visiting relatives.



Indeed, the psychological cause and one’s lifestyle are the two main causes of fear in young adolescents. Adolescence is a critical period that needs balance and quietness. One should create a suitable environment for oneself and have a good mood to succeed in life. If fear persists in one, please do not rely entirely on medication; it helps, but always treatment and behavioral guidance is very important; Because it is an essential supplement to drug therapy; and at the same time, behavioral therapy is characterized by the fact that continuity of it significantly reduces the chances of pathological relapses, and helps to continue healing and recovery


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