Do you know that some electronic applications are very useful in certain situations, while others are worthless? In fact, some of them can consume your time and money. It is therefore very important to know this category of applications.

Electronic Applications that sell information and statistics

There are many electronic applications that give you free general information, while others don’t. As examples of this information, baby names, traffic website statistics, etc. Some of these apps are beneficial, while others are not. It is therefore very important to look for well-known recognized applications that offer good services. we select:

Google analytics: This program offered by Google is free and is frequently used by webmasters to monitor their sources of website traffic and other analytical services.

Alexa: To benefit from the services offered by this app, you must pay. It offers services like Google Analytics and other services like SEO analysis, keyword research, and readability.

Be aware of apps wasting your time

There are many electronic applications, even free ones, which waste a lot of time and/or take up a lot of space on your mobile phone. This is due to its worthless content, especially some gaming apps. In addition, it may happen that you install antivirus applications that do not change anything. In this regard, you can avoid this to happen by choosing the best antivirus software.

Social media electronic applications

Social media apps are undoubtedly very useful. Losing control over them can, however, waste time and money. Indeed, we can spend a lot of time chatting with friends, especially for high school students. On the other hand, one can also be dragged to arbitrarily buy many products from advertisements from apps. Of course, there are many useful products that we can buy on the Internet.

Since users cannot dispense with social media, it is not wise to think of deleting these applications.

Be aware of Renewal payment of some unnecessary services

When you subscribe to an electronic application, you pay fees, for short or long terms according to your needs. If you wish to use it in the short term, you must suspend the automatic renewal of payment of your costs. This is very important because you continue to pay for services that you do not use.

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