In this article, we give tips for loving math like music. Everyone agrees that math is difficult. Indeed, mathematics is based on intuition and not on experience. This is why mathematics lives in abstraction. However, mathematics has its own harmony; if we love math, this love will be eternal. Now the question we have to answer is how do we like math?

Use geometry to convert abstraction to concrete mathematics

For beginners in mathematics, it is important to use geometry to solve algebraic or computer problems. For this, I will give you two examples. To demonstrate that the equation $x^2= 2$ admits a real solution, it suffices to note that $x^2=1^2+1^2$. The latter resembles the Pythagorean theorem which says that if we have a right rectangle, then the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of each of the two sides. Here x denotes the length of the hypotenuse and the other sides have the same length equal to $1$.

                                                      Pythagoras idea

Another example is how to prove that the function $tmapsto sin(t)$ has no limit at infinity. Geometrically, this function is periodic, which means that the curve of this function repeats in the same way on all intervals of $2pi$ length with the image in the interval $[-1,1]$. So the same thing goes on even at infinity.

At the age of nine, Carl-Friedrich Gauss already calculated the sum $1+2+3+cdots+100$ in a few seconds, thanks to geometry.

A learning method is necessary to be effective in mathematics

A common mistake is to try to solve math exercises without a good knowledge of the role and properties. Likewise, do not immediately read the answers to the exercises. Try to find the solution for yourself, even if it takes time. If you feel, after an effort, that you cannot solve the mathematical problem, then at this point you can benefit from the solution. Make sure the best mathematicians work very hard for several hours a day. Mathematics is not only the knowledge of theorems and formulas, but it is also a practice. You must know how to apply the theorems and roles to the exercises.

The interaction of math with other sciences

Although math is an abstract science. But it is the language with which all sciences talk. For example to model a population of a country we need to use advanced math to build a model that involves forth parameters; time; age, mortality; fertility. Here we see the key role of math.

Loving math like music

These tips for loving math are essential to do good math. On the other hand, Patience and challenges are the keys to good success in math.

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