Nowadays people are looking for tips to strengthen lung function and improve breathing. In fact, with the spread of the new Coronavirus and its accompanying serious effects on the respiratory system, the importance of caring for the lungs is highlighted, and there are some simple exercises to enhance their functions and get rid of shortness of breath.

Some reports suggest that strengthening the lungs and improving breathing are essential. Not only for people infected with the Coronavirus but also for smokers, workers in a number of polluting industries, and people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma.

In the following, we review the most prominent treatments and ways in which it is possible to maintain the integrity of the lungs and enhance respiratory functions:

Tips to strengthen lung function: Steam therapy

Steam inhalation is a very useful way. It helps cleanse the airways and remove mucus. This can be done by inhaling ordinary water vapor or medicinal plant extracts. In general, steam inhalation helps prevent a number of respiratory diseases and treat some emergency breathing problems.

– Coughing exercises

Coughing helps remove toxins from the lungs. This controlled process includes a series of exercises that are very useful for the respiratory system:

Lie completely on the floor, then bend the arms over the stomach and begin to inhale slowly through the nose, then bend forward with keeping the hands on the abdomen, coughing two or three times while exhaling with the mouth open and taking slow breaths.

Repeat the exercise several times if necessary.

Lung mucus removal exercise

This exercise can be performed in 3 positions, namely lying on the back, side, and on the stomach.

On the back: Lie on the floor or bed with a pillow under the thigh, inhale the air through the nose and take it out of the mouth, provided that the exhalation period is more than twice the duration of the inhale, and the exercise can be repeated. Twice a day.

On the side: Lie on one side with pillows under the head and under the thighs, then inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, repeating the process on the other side.

On the abdomen: Put a pillow under the abdomen and another under the thighs with the hands above the head, then inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. For more details about this technic follow the link.

– Daily exercise to strengthen lung function

You should get into the habit of performing a set of moderate physical exercises and activities on a daily basis to speed up blood circulation and increase the level of oxygen in the lungs. These exercises are especially useful for those with breathing problems. You can consult a doctor who will help you choose the best exercises for your needs.

– Green tea helps in improve breathing

Green tea contains many antioxidants that help reduce lung infections, and studies have proven that people who drink two cups of green tea a day, their lungs work better than others.

– Anti-inflammatory foods

Airway inflammation is accompanied by a feeling of pain and heaviness at the level of the chest, and eating anti-inflammatory foods such as green salads, berries, turmeric, beans, and olives helps to quickly get rid of this pain.

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