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Two main disadvantages of epidemics


There are several disadvantages occasioned by the epidemics. In this article, we are going to talk about marital the main disadvantages of epidemics, such as strife and the downsides of Facebook. The former draws upon the effect of quarantine on family members. The latter concerns the terror occasioned by Facebook-video tracks.

The danger of coronavirus increases day after day. This viral disease threatens the majority of people’s lives. It creates a state of global stress and tension. Now, citizens live their quotidian life under quarantine. As a consequence, they get bored and feed up with the situation.

Actual marital strife may be a consequence of epidemics


The rate of marital strife may increase in the midst of this international pandemic. Couples are more exposed to boredom. Therefore, the divorce rate could increase too. We cannot anticipate the behavioral aspect of a father at home vis-à-vis his children when they commit mistakes. In fact, the first days of quarantine can be characterized by solidarity and love. Subsequently, boredom and depression sneak into their life due to a lack of patience. They constitute then other forms of disadvantages of epidemics.  

As a matter of fact, people no longer stand quarantine. They have to fill their leisure time with useful activities. Otherwise, the mind, if not used in work, will be used in critiquing and paying attention to small details. This engenders strife and anxiety between members of the family. For this reason, if not other, we have to stay calm and strong to ward off tediousness. Father or mother should be responsible and aware of the stress caused by staying at home. Hence, they should bear in mind the disadvantages of epidemics.

Facebook saws terror amongst people is one of main disadvantages of epidemics


Many Facebook users started to express their disapproval through their rebel posts. They no longer stand the boredom caused by the quarantine. In fact, those who are habitually familiar with jobs will be more tedious and anxious. Facebook users write every day on their posts; they express a state of fear and sadness: fear of the upcoming days and sadness toward the daily increase in the death toll. Therefore, Facebook is always presented in relation to the disadvantages of epidemics.


Facebook is full of new pages and groups to fight the coronavirus bad consequences. People are following news and everyday stories related to coronavirus. Furthermore, there are a lot of video tracks sawing terror amongst people. Facebook has contributed to lead many societies into a state of dismay or fear. Hence, we should pay attention to the disadvantages of epidemics.


On the other hand, there are some video tracks describing the violence the authorities are using to punish those who break the quarantine. For example, a video track of an Indian policeman is so popular. The latter punished a group of Muslims who went to the mosque for a Dohr prayer; the police hit them with a stick, as they get out of the mosque. Indeed, these are some of the disadvantages of epidemics.


In Morocco, many video tracks are popular, describing the solidarity between Moroccans and the authorities. The former throws flowers upon the policemen, while they are sensitizing people about the importance of taking sanitation measures and respecting quarantine. However, authorities sometimes use force against any citizen trying to mock the procedures the government takes.


In this article, we have confined our talk to the disadvantages of coronavirus. However, the latter possesses many advantages. So, we are going to talk about them in an article. 

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