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Two mathematical Arguments for the existence of God


We are going to talk about two mathematical arguments for the existence of God. In fact, Pascal’s wager and the argument by absurdity are two powerful mathematical proofs of God’s existence. The majority of people regard them as stubborn in terms of understanding. So, we are going to undo the intricateness or obscurity of the two arguments. That is, we present them in a simple way so that they become understood.

Pascal’s wager as an argument to prove the existence of God

  Table.1    God exists  God Does not exist  The winner
Believer   one ___________ one
Disbeliever   ___________ ___________ ___________


Blaise Pascal is a philosopher, mathematician, and physicist. According to Pascal’s wager, the believer always wins the wager. He devised such a simple argument because one cannot prove or disapprove of God’s existence using sciences. According to Table.1, if we are to analyze this wager-based argument, we can say the following propositions. First, believing in God is always positive because 1+0=1. Yet, Disbelief in God signals nothingness because the sum of two zeros is zero. Therefore, the philosophy based on atheism is nihilistic. On the contrary, the philosophy based on the existence of God is meaningful.

From the analysis of Table.1, we deduce the fact that belief in the existence of God gives our life meaning. Whereas, atheism is cast upon as nihilism and meaninglessness. Those who are atheists are not always good; they are good because of authority, police, censorship. When there is no censorship, they can transgress the law. However, those who believe in God cannot transgress the law though there is no control, police, or censorship. Atheism means no fixed value structures, values are variable, not stagnant, and changeable according to situations and cases. Once the situation changes, values changes. Therefore, there is no fixed reference on which we rely. That is the problem of atheism.

The second mathematical argument for proving the existence of God

There is another powerful mathematical argument for the existence of God, which is the argument by absurdity:

  • Introduction:

If we are to understand this argument, we have to transform the discussion on God’s existence into a mathematical scheme. What do we mean by God? God is the biggest idea that our minds think of. If we prove the existence of another idea such that this one is bigger than God, then the latter does not exist.

  • Argument by absurdity:

Let A be the idea of God. According to the introduction, therefore, A>>> (the biggest idea). We suppose the contrary. Then, there exists B such that B>>> (the biggest idea). We take B to be the whole universe (the biggest idea in the world). This is absurd because our minds still think of an idea, which is beggar than the universe (B). Hence, God exists.

In fact, this argument is so powerful, in that it confirms the biggest idea to which our minds refer. To escape from this mathematical argument, atheists believe in the theory of multiple universes. Accordingly, they prefer to believe in an endless number of universes than to believe in God. That is, they can replace the idea of God, which is the biggest idea, with an infinite number of cosmoses. However, our minds still do think about an idea beyond the multiple universes, which is always God. Therefore, their claim is again absurd.


Indeed, the question of the existence of God is always raised in opposition to atheism. As a matter of fact, the subject matter of the two adversaries is God. The former confirms God’s existence, while the second negates. But both are engaged in talking fiercely about God. For example, Had it not been a mere discussion related to mythology, there would have been no discussion at all about the concept of God. So, plagues and deadly viruses are a sign of God’s existence. We have written an article on the relationship between coronavirus and atheism.

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