We are proposing in this post steps to own a strong memory. Do you know that the majority of people suffer from memory loss? In fact, the reason for this is that we get used to a kind of lifestyle. So, changing our lifestyle will improve our memory a lot. First, we have to change our diet. Second, we have to exercise. In this post, we are going to talk about two strategies to get rid of memory loss forever.

A strong memory is a result of a healthy diet

In fact, many scientists ascribe the weakness of our memory to what we consume every day. For example, the first food that hinders neurotransmitters is sugar. The latter intervenes in memory loss directly, and the stoppage of daily intake of sugar improves dramatically retention.

we can learn new information, which by repetition becomes stuck in our memory. When we need that information, we recall it easily. That is the normal process whereby our memory functions. However, in some individuals, it is hard for them to recall the information that they have learned days ago.

There are a number of studies conducted on patients with weak memory. They discovered that the agent factor hindering their memories to recall the information is sugar. The daily consumption of sugar does not only cause our cells to perish early. But does it affect our immunity system and render us fragile or subject to diseases. Sugar weakens our immunity system against viruses. Therefore, those who consume sugar a lot will not own a strong memory.

Accordingly, we have not to add sugar to coffee, tea, or juice. We should not even add it to bread. We have to consume the unharmful sugar that exists in fruits, and not the one we add to food. In doing so, we will protect ourselves from potential exposure to memory loss. This way, we will own a strong memory.

Exercise improves a lot the process of recalling

Before talking about the importance of sport, we should talk first about the food we eat. If we eat every three hours, we cause damage to our brain. This is because when we eat a lot of snacks between meals, our body supplies the stomach with blood. Therefore, blood does not go to other parts of our body, including our brain. Scientifically speaking, when your stomach is empty, your brain functions well (without coffee). Many studies have been done on how intermittent fasting improves our memory.

Walking for two hours every day is for many scientists the best sport; this is because it does not put pressure on the heart; walking for two hours improves a lot of blood circulation, which in turn enhances our memory. A strong memory means that your blood circulation is active. And the latter becomes active by daily exercise.

There are many studies that confirmed the relationship between sedentary people and weak memory. If you are sedentary, then you have to do sport every day. It is a must, not only for improving your memory but also to protect yourself from heart diseases.


To sum up, one should be on a diet void of sugar, the one we add to natural food. We are not talking here about fruits, for they contain healthy sugar. Once you stop consuming sugar and exercise every day in the open space, your ability to recall will improve day after day, and eventually, you will own a strong memory.

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