We present tips on how to avoid epidemics danger in this article. In fact, people have become more threatened in their lives if they break the quarantine. The majority of us are waiting for the medicine to invent an anti-coronavirus drug. Therefore, we underestimate the procedures of sanitary conditions and quarantine. Hence, the danger aggravates.

Stay bound to quarantine reduces epidemics danger

During this critical moment, we should abide by quarantine. This is because the epidemic propagates very fast. People should not count solely on the arsenal of medicine, because hospitals cannot handle large numbers of infected people. Instead, they have to adhere to sanitation measures as well as to health isolation. This is the only strategy that harks back to antiquity against viruses up to now. So, we have to stick to it and try to exploit quarantine in our leisure time. In most cases, prevention is the unique solution to fight epidermis.

Furthermore, there is a huge difference between epidemiology and medicine. The former concerns the study of epidemics in hopes that researchers invent a vaccination. The latter concerns the distribution of drugs to patients by means of medicament prescription. Now, researchers are still looking for the vaccination to coronavirus, while people are dying in Italy, France, America, and the like. So, we have to rely on solidarity, mutual corporation, and sacrifice to go through this trial.

Exercise and healthy food

The second tip on how to get rid of this epidemic along with quarantine is to exercise and consume healthy food. First, exercising daily at home will warm up the body, as warming-up suffocates the virus and does not let him grow. Blood circulation improves along with the increase in the immunity system. In fact, blood type is also a factor in fighting the virus. In fact, experts say that blood type O is more resistant to viruses.

Second, healthy food has to do with several nutrients that we should consume so as to boost our immunity system: spices, serials, vegetables, fruits, fish, and the like. In fact, people with chronic diseases are more subject to this virus. Hence, exercising and good food will improve their resistance to the epidemic. You should also consume fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, strawberries, kiwi.


Indeed, until epidemiology finds a vaccine, quarantine and exercising along with healthy food are tips that enable us to fight viruses like coronavirus. The latter forced all countries to stay in quarantine at home for more than 2 months. This has caused damage to the global economy never known before.

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